ahegao face

Ahegao face


Making Hentai realistic is our goal at Hentaied.
Luckly we’ve talents good enough to make our extreme fantasies become true.
What is the Ahegao face? (Recently named LEWD FACES too).


In Hentai’s it’s the facial expression that shows the girl is losing her mind because of pleasure, as a result, it’s over the top, over exaggerated, involving crossing eyes and tongue out, sometimes red on chicks and saliva drooling out.


For instance, a good example of it, is Sasha Rose in real life hentai (Taken by MACHINE BAPTISM – click on the image to see the full video)

Ahegao Sasha Rose

The girl wants so bad to receive pleasure that her brain isn’t there anymore, and her body is controlling her mind, making her lose the control over her face.


Ahegao Canela Skin

Here Canela Skin in action in (Taken by OVIPOSITION 2 – click on the image to see the full video)


As lover of the genre, i decided to make this real.
In the last times many girls online has been using Ahegao face in their video; however i’ve never seen anything good from the producers side.



In Hentaied we do scripted, high quality scenes that include various fetishes and topics.

The gorgeous May Thai in AHEGAO MASTURBATION SESSION 2 – Click on the image!

Ahegao May Thai

The term means actually “Moaning face” a combination of the two japanese words aheahe and gao (Moan and face).


Ahegao Alya Stark


As i expect from you that are reading, i didn’t like normal pornography.
To me it was incredibly boring, i always wanted something more.

When we realized that we can make videos about elf reproduction,
Hentaied was a thing that we had to create. And as you do, we felt in love with Alya Stark in ELF REPRODUCTION.


In conclusion, we love Ahegao face. If you do too, check out our videos, subscribe to our membership and after that have fun with Hentaied!