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The invisible man – A Stepsister story



PUBLISHED: 2020-06-15

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Here we come with one of the most famous sexual fantasies in the world Sex between Stepbrother and Stepsister. In this episode we will show a method which has 99.9% successful rate. So, Ladies and Gentlemen (or just Gentlemen), theory and practice how to fuck your stepsister with the best teachers of this subject in the World – incredible Nelly Kent and irreplaceable Nikki Nuttz. Here we go…

We prepared the worst scenario ever, but even in that case our method works perfectly. So, we have a stepsister and she is a Real bitch (no wonder she is super-hot and incredibly beautiful. Just take a look at her huge boobs!). Nelly fucks with everyone, with everyone except her Stepbrother Nikki. And of course, he wants it so badly. So, he tries anything to make is real. But mission is impossible. Hot stunning stepsister uses Nikki the way she wants: feet massage here we go, homework etc. But any move of Nikki in sexual direction is cut immediately. Finally, our smart guy came out with the Master Plan: he found a code of Invisibility. So, he is ready to use it in the most unappropriated way and to roughly punish his bitchy sister. And the best punishment is to hardly fuck Nelly in all her holes and cum all over her big tits and cute face.

It is an absolutely normal day: Nelly lies on the couch with her phone, texts with a few guys at the same time and tries to choose one or two (the luckiest ones) to have a chance to fuck her beautiful body and nice face. At this moment, our invisible Genius arrives with a mysterious speech, that he is a Stranger and comes here to punish Nelly. So, girl gets excited and totally wet in few seconds. Honestly, none of us expected, that it will go so smooth. But here we are and Nikki is just a half step back from finally putting his dick in his stepsister mouth. And he will make this step right now.

2 minutes later Nelly shows her best talent: perfect proper blowjob. However, she cannot last any longer – she wants to feel a huge dick of “The Stranger” deep inside her creamy wet pussy. She turns on her back, takes her panties off and spread her legs on maximum to make the warmest welcome ever. Nikki does not lose even a second and starts to fuck her. Stepsister is out of control because of the sexual pleasure she gets. None of her previous fuckers ware that good as the Stranger is. On her face we can see the perfect Ahegao with red cheeks and crossed eyes. It is the best way to see how much she enjoys to be fucked. Meanwhile, Nelly repeats again and again that nobody ever fucked her so well.

A few positions later Nikki explodes with the fresh hot cum directly in Nelly’s pussy. Exactly this full beautiful Creampie he saw in his sweetest dreams. However, Nelly is still hungry and needs more cum all over her face and her boobs. At one point, Nikki decides: fuck it all and to show Nelly, who The Stranger really is. Unbelievable, but his stepsister is truly happy with such an unexpected surprise. As the result, she continues to suck even better and better till the moment our young Life winner cum directly in her mouth and all over her face.

So, they lived happily ever after…. The End.

Video Including:

  • Stepsister and Stepbrother
  • Genius Plan
  • Invisible code
  • Full Creampie
  • Extreme Facil Cumshot
  • A ton of Cum
  • Sweet Ahegao

• Dreams come true


Here we are with a couple of really great movie recommendations, which are related to our 2 main topics Invisibility and, of course, Sex.

The first one is “Hollow Man” from 2020. Sci-fi and horror mix. Here is a short story:

“After years of experimentation, brilliant but arrogant scientist Sebastian Caine has discovered a way to make matter invisible. Determined to achieve the ultimate breakthrough, Caine pushes his team to move to the next phase – using himself as the subject. The test is a success, but when the process can’t be reversed and Caine seems doomed to future without flesh, he begins to show some unexpected side effects of his extraordinary condition. (Spoiler: includes Sex between 2 scientists while one is fully invisible).”

The Second one is “The Invisible Man” from 2020. Drama, horror and mystery combined all together. Quick review:

“A woman escapes an abusive relationship with a wealthy young tech entrepreneur. A short while later he commits suicide. She should now feel free to live her life but she keeps feeling that he is still there, invisibly watching her. Then things start happening which make her think that this is more than just a feeling…”

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