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A pornstar salad


PUBLISHED: 2020-11-22

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PornStar Salad.


  • Two extremely hot young teens
  • Massive Facial Cumshot
  • Food insertion
  • Lesbian Masturbation
  • Special Bukakke Dessert
  • A lot of fake Cum
  • Fresh Huge Bananas, Cucumbers and Corn
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Few drops of Balsamic Vinegar
  • Miniskirts for roasting and bakingBefore we start cooking, we come with a question to you. What would you enjoy more: A5 Kobe Strip Steak or a Simple Salad with cucumbers, corn, rucola and some balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil on the top? Very probably you would go for the first option. But take a breath and let us prepare this salad in a very special way for you. Even so, that everyone knows very well one simple truth, that “… no great story ever started with a Salad”. We have something against it. So, we are going to prove the opposite.

    Today we are going to cook. And the most delicious ingredients we will use are: two extremely hot young teens by incredible Alya Stark (do not miss Alya providing us with an ultimate amount of fresh Milk directly from her boobs and few eggs from her pussy right here: Alya Stark Elf) and stunning Frederica Fierce. Today’s special dish: PornStar Salad.

    Let’s the show begin! (Spoiler: other necessary ingredients are Creamy Wet Pussy, A ton of Cum, Extreme Facial Cumshot, Food Insertion, Only one Cucumber for two holes, Bukkake for the dessert)

    First of all, forget about aluminum foil or roasting sleeve. Our girls bring everything on a new level: sexy miniskirts are the best for cooking.

    Second step, is to have the right temperature in the room. Therefore, our stunning girls prepare a little foreplay with high quality virgin oil. Running with oily hands all around their bodies, Alya and Frederica put everything on fire. Do you feel how extremely the temperature rising?

    Third step is to check the quality of all other ingredients. So, two already hot enough chicks take a proper care about it. The first in the queue are bananas. Just take a look, how huge and hard they are. The process is satisficing: firstly, girls check it with their mouths, both together at the same time. They suck it properly and deeply. However, it’s not enough. Here comes the second stage of quality assurance: validation by pussy. So, if girls explode with an intense orgasm after masturbation with this yellow sweet fruit, it means it’s good enough. And the ton of cum is the best confirmation of this. Just take look, how that warm white liquid leaks from their hot holes.

The same procedure we are going to repeat with cucumber and corn. We always want to be sure in high quality of the ingredients. Our incredible Alya (as a top-level expert) inserts corn in a tiny creamy pussy of Frederica. And here we go. In few minutes’ girl spreads cum all over her body and beautiful face. Our beauties share their opinions with a deep, intense kiss. Corn check done!

Finally, we arrive to a cucumber. As it’s a huge one, girls have a chance to try it both at the same time. So, as you can see, the expressions on their faces are better than thousand words. Not every dick can turn on a full Ahegao mode that quickly, as it managed our cucumber.

At the end we add some fresh rucola and few drops of balsamic (for real gourmets!). And for the dessert Premium Class Bukakke!

Enjoy your meal!

Ladies and Gentlemen, FOOD PLAY.

Probably, all of us can agree that food and sex create one of the best tandems in the whole Universe. Here are few different ways to make a real Food Porn:

  1. Eating one particular food from someone else’s body (For example: whipped cream or the body shot). Also, eating a whole meal off somebody’s naked body (famous Japanese practice of Nyotaimori*).
  2. Using food to boost a standard sex (to use some techniques which involves food). This also involves the use of food as a genital lubricant (like coconut oil).
  3. Using food in sadomasochistic activity (For example: to insert ginger in vagina or asshole; to use some greens as a whip). Also, a person can control his partner eating habits (one of the most famous examples is Chriastian Grey and his contract, which includes food section).
  4. Using food for Masturbation (remember famous movie “American pie”).
  5. Drinking body fluids (one more recipe for you my friend: mix cereals with fresh hot cum instead of boring milk. Yummy!)

* Nyotaimori – referred to as “body sushi”, is the Japanese practice of serving sashimi or sushi from the naked body of a woman. Nantaimori is the male equivalent.

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  1. killerwolf31
    March 25, 2021 at 8:25 am (4 weeks ago)

    You should do more lesbian vids

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