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American History XXX: Adelle Unicorn


PUBLISHED: 2020-11-02

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The History of Porn.

Today we go back behind the school bench and jump into history. The History of Porn. From scientific articles to the most beautiful Ahegao, hardcore Bukkake, and fresh hot Creampies.

The lovely Adelle Unicorn (take a look at Adelle and her young girlfriend having fun together here: Love me Harder) helps us out.

Enjoy 10 minutes of fun as it’s a school break and get more knowledge than you’ve had in all your school years.

Our sweet Chech girl gets the full Hentaied course (spoiler: Intense Squirting, Extreme Bukkake, Sweet Crempie, Big Dildo and many more are in)

After an unforgettable history lesson, Adele can’t stop with the theory. She moves on to practice.

First Adele shows us how to masturbate properly. The girl knows how to deal with her creamy wet pussy pretty well. In few minutes she starts to squirt all around!  Then our Schoolgirl rides a huge dildo and gives us a master class on how to use this huge pink monster in the right way. Her face expression cannot lie – rolling crossed eyes, protruding tongue, and slightly reddened face. Perfect Ahegao – the best way to show enjoyment and ecstasy (join us for one more Ahegao Session with sweet Mai Thai here: May Thai Ahegao)

We believe Adelle did a great job! She got the best score – Fully Creampied Pussy and as a rewarding – Ultimate Bukkake with fresh hot cum.

Stay with us to become more educated!

Video Included:

  • Lesson of Porn History
  • Chech girl
  • Guide how to masturbate
  • Extreme Squirting
  • Full Bukkake
  • Fresh Creampie
  • Ton of Cum
  • Perfect Ahegao
  • Huge Dildo
  • Intense orgasm


The beginning of spreading sexuality and porn in society can be partially attributed to Dr. Alfred Kinsey.

A zoologist, Kinsey published his book “Sexual Behavior in the Human Female” in 1953. At the time, some considered this to be part of the most triumphant and significant scientific publications of the 20th century, stating that they proved that most people engaged in the sexual practices that society labeled as “taboo” and “deviant.”

The same year that Dr. Alfred Kinsey published “Sexual Behavior in the Human Female” Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe was featured in the first issue of what became the world’s most recognized porn brand: Playboy. This porn magazine founded by Hugh Hefner had the stage set for his booming business by Dr. Kinsey’s warped research.

Hefner capitalized on the trend with his magazine. However, to maximize sales, he had to change porn’s image. Hefner put pornographic photos next to essays and articles written by respected authors. In Playboy, porn looked like legit or even classy.

The next big boom happened in the 1980s, when VCRs made it possible for people to watch movies at home. For porn viewers, that meant that instead of having to go to sketchy adult theaters, all they had to do was go to the back room at their local movie rental place. Sure, they still had to go out to find it, but porn was suddenly a lot more accessible.

And then the internet changed everything.

Suddenly there was nothing but a few keystrokes between anyone with an internet connection and the most graphic sexual material imaginable and unimaginable. The online porn industry boomed. Between 1998 and 2007, the number of pornographic websites grew by 1,800%. In 2004 porn sites were visited three times more often than Google, Yahoo!, and MSN Search COMBINED.

Porn was brought into the mainstream by the marketing techniques of Hugh Hefner, who created the facade that porn is a refined, macho product. Then, technology made pornography affordable, accessible, and anonymous. All of these factors have led to the formation of a public opinion that states that pornography is a normal and healthy pursuit.

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