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Elf Reproduction – Alya Stark



PUBLISHED: 2020-06-15

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In this episode of Real-Life Hentai, we will get to know how such incredible creatures like Elves reproduce. Our stunning Elf (Featured Alya Stark) helps us to fully understand the process (don’t miss sexy Nurse Alya and her first date with Mr. Alien here: Alya Stark Got Tentacled! ).

We have never had enough information about Elves. Fortunately, one of our scientists Dr. ? got a chance to spend his quarantine in the Elf forest and learn everything about this race. The main topics of his research were Elves Reproduction and Elves Sex life (spoiler: Milky boobs, Huge Dildos, A Ton of Cum, Sweet Creampie and a Full Ahegao mode is a part of research)

So, Dr. ? became very closed with the most beautiful Elf Alya, who explained him everything step by step. At the ever beginning, she talked about one of the most fascinating things. It is a huge amount of milk which an Elf losing during the process of reproduction.

Firstly, the Blond Magical girl shows us how eggs depositing happens in her natural habitat. Elves hormones are perfectly balanced there. So, they just start to squeeze their perfect boobs. It begins the process immediately. Once the milk spreading is uncontrolled, Elves can deposit their eggs easy and quickly without any external help.

However, between other creatures or in non-native habitat, Elves need to use external objects (like huge dildos) and long intense masturbation to reproduce. Alya shows the whole process from the beginning to the end.

So, to begin Alya needs a dildo, which is made specially for the shape of her tight pussy. She starts to ride it slowly and gently, to get used to it huge size. After a while our Blondie feels how milk start leaking from her hard nipples. From this point fairy girl becomes extremely horny and insane about her favorite toy. The full Ahegao mode is on from now. As a result, the beautiful face of our Elf shows perfect expression full of enjoyment and ecstasy.

By the end, Alya loses an incredible quantity of Milk. So, that it comes not just from her perfect boobs. Also, her mouth explodes with fresh hot white liquid. At the same moment, her pussy is filled up with warm sticky cum. In effect, Alya has perfect circumstances to deposit her treasure Elf egg.

Welcome to our beautiful World Baby Elf!

Video Including:

  • Incredible Blond Elf by Alya Stark

  • Perfect Milky Boobs

  • Lesson about Elf Reproduction

  • Magical Forest

  • Huge Blue Dildo

  • Ton of Milk

  • Full Ahegao Mode

  • Creampie filled up with Fresh Cum

  • New happy Elf mom & her baby Egg


    Is Sex with Elf real? Yes! Welcome to Iceland.

    Icelandic people have been doing elves in secret for centuries, but the topic is strictly verboten for others. Thanks to an Icelandic woman, we got a chance to breake the silence.

    Elves are hard to find, but not long time ago they found one lady themselves. And this led to some of the most wonderful sexual experiences of her life. Willing to share her experiences, she wrote a book. It has made her a master of the mystic art of elf sex the Grapevine investigates.

    As native Icelanders, elves are very beautiful, light and strong. All these make them excellent sexual partners. Unlike humans, elves have the ability to open up other worlds of sexual encounters. The Lucky Lady doesn’t think they have supernatural powers. She is sure that having sex with one is magical. “They can do stuff you would never imagine, and also have the imagination to think of things you never would,” the author says. Grapevine finds this surprising, considering that elves are generally small and skinny in physical stature. But, as the saying goes, size does not matter and half the magic lies in the way they use their tongues. Also, it seems the myths of elves ‘eating people’ may have been slightly misconstrued, as it is far less physically harmful and much dirtier than Hans Grimm ever imagined.

    To those who wish to try and catch themselves an elfish encounter, be warned elves are shy so the Lucky Lade recommends some secluded places in her book. They would love to have more people wandering around the Icelandic countryside. For people, who unsure about jumping in the world of elves pleasure, other benefits include no-strings-attached, stress-free sexual encounters and no one seeing you performing the walk of shame through the forest in the morning.

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