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Elf Reproduction – Alya Stark

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In this masturbation-studded episode of Real Life Hentai, we are removing the veil of secrets from elf sex. Alya Stark is taking the role of a beautiful elf female, who will show us the kind of effort it takes for elf reproduction. The life of seclusion they partake in, without any male counterparts around, requires a different form of insemination.


Luckily, it’s full of lust, and when a female like Alya is in full heat, she takes matters into her own hands. First, her lactating tits start releasing all the milk, a single touch of her nipples and she’s squirting the liquid all over her slender body. To us, it might seem like premature lactation, but it’s an entirely normal process for Elves.
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1 Comment on Elf Reproduction – Alya Stark

  1. curtisblythe
    January 1, 2022 at 2:01 pm (9 months ago)

    Would love to see Alya Stark in elf reproduction two with tentacle gangbang plzzz