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Feet masturbation session Vol 1: Amirah Adara



PUBLISHED: 2020-07-25

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Today our stunning Amirah Adara (take a look how Amirah explains step by step what the real woman wants here: What women wants ) gives us a chance to enjoy one of the most intimate and beautiful masturbation sessions. This session has its unique vibe as in the forefront of the video are incredible small feet of Amirah. So, let’s relax and enjoy the beauty of this magical moment.

Amirah is alone in the living room. She is completely naked and relaxed lies down on the sofa. After few moments, she starts to run with her hands all around her incredible body. You can see and you can even feel that every move brings her an incredible amount of pleasure. Every inch of her firm and smooth skin is full of love and care. Her absolutely perfect tiny feet wake un indescribable sensation deep inside you. So, the only thing you would do right now is to give her millions of gentle kisses.

After a while, our incredible lady runs all the way down to her sweet tiny pussy. Her touches are still absolutely soft and intimate. You get a feeling that she is not just an amazingly beautiful woman, but the 8th Wonder of The World. The Treasure of this World. Amirah gives you a tender look deep into your eyes. You can see something wild in them. You can see how extremely horny she is, how much she wants to get all sexual pleasure in this world. But what is the most important thing is that she can do it. She knows her body so well, every part of it. Our Lady discovered all her fantasies. She knows how to bring herself on the top of pleasure. She does not need help of anybody to conquer this insane sensation. And that what makes her so sexy and desirable woman. Amirah knows her price and it is not affordable to any man in this world.

Amirah spreads her legs, so you can see her beautiful tight creamy holes. From now on her moves start to be more intense and even aggressive. Few moments after, she goes deep inside her with two fingers. So, it brings her so much joy and excitement that her whole body starts to shake insanely. Even her eyes become crossed and her sweet chicks get a bit of red color (don’t miss how Amirah and wonderful Alya Stark get full fresh Ahegao Explosion right here: A full fresh Ahegao Explosion ) All this makes her even sweeter and sexier than she was before.

By the end, Amirah takes a vibrator to finish the session on the highest note. So, you can see how the electro friend gives its vibe. You can see how sweet shake the lips of Amirah pussy. After few minutes, our beautiful girl is totally out of control. She cannot take it more; however, she continues.

Finally, she got hot creamy cum all over her amazing feet, while shaking in ecstasy.

Video including:

  • Incredible Amirah Adara
  • Gentle intimate masturbation Session
  • Adorable small feet
  • Creamy tight Holes
  • Fresh hot Cum
  • Intense Orgasm
  • True self love Facts:

follow the history of the Vibrator. There are a lot of myths and misinformation around the history

of one of the best women’s friend nowadays. We are going to start from the ever beginning.

The first beautiful myth about Vibrators is that the most famous Egyptian Queen Cleopatra (69 30 BC) invented the idea of a vibrator. It says, that she used a gourd filled with bees to stimulate her genitals, so it was kind of similar to a vibrator. However, historians say that there is no evidence that this really happened. There are none of books, ancient writings or archeological finds that mention Cleopatra’s supposed invention.

Well, let’s jump ahead a thousand (and a bit more) years. It brings us to a very popular (probably the most popular one) idea in the history of vibrators. It says, that they were invented by some doctors from 19th century to help hysterical woman. So, basically doctors used vibrators to masturbate women with hysteria (what a lovely idea).

In the 1800s, industrialization transformed many aspects of life, including medicine. English physician J.M. Granville invented an electric vibrator in 1883. However, historians found no evidence that doctors ever masturbated their patients as a hysteria treatment in classical times. Even if it did exist, clitoral stimulation wasn’t a common medical procedure.

Then the question is: for what Granville invented vibrator?

Well, actually it was designed to treat pain, headaches, irritability, indigestion, and constipation IN MEN.

Some historians point out that Granville knew the vibrator could have sexual uses, and even used it to treat male sexual dysfunction, but he never used it on women.

Stay with our history lessons and in the next episode we will continue to search for the truth about Vibrators…

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