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PUBLISHED: 2020-06-15

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You have no idea what women want? We don’t. However, we want to learn it and today we got a chance for a proper lesson. Take your place, watch and listen really carefully. Do not forget to make notes.

Today our outstanding Hungarian beauty Amirah Adara will teach us a lesson (for better understanding take a proper look on incredible feet of Amirah and extreme Masturbation session with Vibrator here: Amirah’s Feet ). And not just the theory will be given. So, we are going to pay much more attention to practice (Spoiler: Sin city style, Huge dildo, A lot of Cum, Extreme Squirting, Intense hardcore Masturbation and Full Bukkake mode instead of boring books for better learning).

Amirah explains step by step, that one of the most important things for a Real woman is to learn how to love and please herself; how to make herself happy. And the best way to do it is to masturbate. Insanely, intensively and extremely. Till the moments when she loses all the control, but she wants more, more and more. Till the moment she cannot take it anymore, but she continues to ride this huge dildo: in and out, in and out. With each move pushing it deeper inside this creamy aching pussy.

That’s what Amirah does. She is riding this huge red dildo and squirting again and again. She cannot control her body, neither her mind. However, the only thing she knows for sure is that she needs more. Our stunning girl wants to bring herself on the top of sexual pleasure and almost nobody can do it better for her (sure you could, man, no offence). Just take a look on this beautiful face: it’s full of selflove and full of extreme ecstasy. Amirah is completely out of control. As the result, she starts to explode with hot fresh cum from all her holes. She squirts so powerful and intense, like there is nothing more important in this life as her sexual pleasure.

By the end Amirah get fully Bukkaked: her tired helpless body completely covered with hot fresh cum, every inch of it, from incredible long legs to beautiful face. This what a real and proper sex relief is. This what all real women want… (to continue the show take a look how Amirah and Alya masturbating from the morning till the evening and get fully Bukkake and Ahegao treatment here: Full fresh Ahegao Explosion ).

Video Including:

  • Stunning Amirah Adara as The Dark Girl
  • Lesson what Real Women want
  • Hardcore masturbation
  • Huge Red Dildo
  • Extreme Squirting
  • Ton of Cum
  • Bukkake and Ahegao mode on Maximum
  • With Sin City flavor on the top of it all


So, after such an intense practice let’s get a bit of theory. Here we go, my friend, myths and facts about Masturbation.

And as always, we start with the basics:

Masturbation – is touching and rubbing parts of your body for sexual pleasure (parts as penis, scrotum, clitoris, vulva, breasts and anus). Masturbation can involve a person exploring their own body, but can also happen between two people (mutual masturbation).

Masturbation is a common behavior that is seen at all ages from childhood, through the teen years and throughout adulthood by people of any gender. It’s a healthy way for people to explore bodies, to find out what feels good sexually, and how to achieve an orgasm (!!!).

Sexual pleasure through masturbation is a very normal part of a person’s sexual experience. How frequent people masturbate is different for each person. It might be several times a day, a week or a month to not masturbating at all. How often a person masturbates is not a problem unless the time spent masturbating is replacing other aspects of a healthy and balanced life for example school, work, responsibilities and social activities.

What are the benefits of Masturbation?

  • masturbation helps in relaxation
  • it promotes better sleep
  • it causes feelings of physical and mental wellbeing
  • it reduces stress
  • it boosts self-esteem
  • it helps people to explore their sexuality by themselves
  • it’s a form of sexual activity that’s available to all people (for example: who does not have a partner, who abstains from sex)

    And few stupid myths about Masturbation.
    Masturbation has been incorrectly blamed for a range of problems, like:

  • infertility
  • blindness
  • mental health issues
  • sexual perversion
  • reduced sexual function

So, my friend, enjoy our videos, masturbate properly and get the best out of it!

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