5 Hentaied videos with unexpected endings

5 Hentaied videos with unexpected endings

June 3, 2024

Watching real life hentai porn movies can be a rather unforgettable experience. Sometimes, you just do not know what to expect… One could say that that is exactly what makes hentai so addictive! Don’t worry; on Hentaied, we provide you with a little bit of everything. So, you can expect a lot of predictable hardcore fuck fests and videos with an unpredictable ending.


Sometimes, you just can’t predict where the story will lead you, and that is incredibly hot. Is the alien porn movie going to end with a lot of brain fucking? Or maybe you’ll get to see a petite beauty showered in cum? The options are endless. So, if you are eager to watch hentai tentacles porn, you have come to the right place. Here are some of the hottest hentai movies with unpredictable endings on Hentaied that’ll surely get you in the mood.

1.   Heartache


When things don’t go your way, you are supposed to just move on. But it is not always as easy as that… right? Our feelings need to be considered, too, which is why Clemence Audiard decided to take a different route. It all started when Clemence and her crush, Amirah Adara, were strolling through the part. They took a seat at a nearby bench, which is when Clemence decided to admit her true feelings for Amirah. However… Amirah did not feel the same. She rejected her and ran away. This made Clemence feel very sad.


Across the bench where she was sitting was the gorgeous Lia Lin. She heard everything and felt sad for Clemence. The two cuties enjoy a casual conversation, and that is when Lia invites Clemence back to her place. Since she was broken hearted, Clemence did not think twice before accepting the invitation. However, she does not realize that Lia is a real life hentai girl! The two beauties made their way to Lia’s home, but they did not realize that they were being followed.


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It seems like Amirah was incredibly eager to have sex with Clemence, but she did not have the courage to say anything. So, she just followed them home and stood by the window watching like a true voyeur. This is when Clemence and Lia got to the living room and were making out like true naughty sluts. They licked each other, fingered, and even scissoring! While this was happening, Amirah got horny and began masturbating while watching them.


The two gorgeous babes were enjoying their lesbian fuck fest… and after they both orgasmed, things took a turn. Clemence was licking Lia’s drenched cunt and trying to make her orgasm yet again. This is when Lia showed her real face. She spread her alien porn pussy wide open and swallowed Clemence whole! It all happened so fast that Clemence was not even able to react… Who knows what happened next?

2.   Brain Fucked

Brain Fucked

Everyone falls in love with Tiffany Tatum as soon as they see her in action. This babe is incredibly hot and sexy. She loves to be the center of attention any chance she gets… which is why being fucked by hentai tentacles is her forte. Are you ready to see this beautiful woman show off her goods while enjoying some hentai tentacle shagging? Well… this tentacles porn movie also has a rather odd ending.


Right off the bat, Tiffany Tatum is already naked and ready for action. Two hentai tentacles will approach her, and she will suck them passionately. It is obvious that this beauty is thirsty for cum, and she is ready to do whatever it takes to extract it. After sucking off these tentacles, she will flip around and spread her legs wide open. This allows easy entry for tentacles to enter both her orifices. It seems like Tiffany Tatum enjoys double penetration the most!


She will get fucked until the hentai tentacles monster releases all its spunk inside, filling her up. Of course, this is not the end. Once the monster filled her up, it wrapped its tentacle around her neck. The monster was able to safely detach her head from her body, leaving her alive and eager for more.


Now, you get to see hentai tentacles fuck her brains! One hentai tentacle will enter through her neck and exit through her mouth. It seems like this real life hentai alien put a new meaning on “fucked all the way through,” and Tiffany Tatum loved every second of it! Needless to say, her brain was full of alien spunk by the end of this session.

3.   Up In The Sky

Up In The Sky

Alien abduction stories are no longer just a myth… they happen, and Kyler Quinn is the proof. She is a beautiful girl just going on a road trip. However, her car seems to stop in the middle of nowhere. Her phone is not working either. So, Kyler Quinn decides to exit her car and stroll around to see if she can find any help nearby. This is when a giant spaceship appears above her. In just a second, she was abducted from Earth!


The next thing you see is the gorgeous Kyler Quinn lying naked on a random table. She was in complete darkness and did not know what would happen. This is when a bunch of hentai tentacles appeared out of nowhere. This alien porn shit was filled with hentai tentacles that were horny for human pussy.


One tentacle wrapped around her next, making her unable to move. A bunch of hentai tentacles then started spreading her pussy wide open. She was getting fucked hard, and after a while, she seemed to enjoy every second of it. The tentacles filled her up to the brim, which caused a bit of cum to come out of her mouth as well. At this point, she was completely drunk on alien cum!


Since she was loosened up, the hentai tentacles spread her legs wide open yet again. She was completely trapped and unable to move. That is when an alien tentacle entered her ass instead. The tentacle went all the way through her body and exited her mouth! It seems like Kyler Quinn was also fucked all the way through but in a different way than Tiffany. While this was happening, another tentacle entered her pussy, too! You can easily say that Kyler Quinn got fucked from all sides and thoroughly enjoyed this experience.

4.   The Alien in the Locker

The Alien in the Locker

We do not often see such great actresses and cum lovers like Macy Meadows. She is an absolutely adorable blonde babe who was able to show us her naughtiest talents. After finishing her gym session, Macy Meadows was surprised in her locker room. There was an alien porn monster hiding in the lockers, and she was his next victim. She was abducted by hentai tentacles and pushed into the lockers.


One of the hentai tentacles wrapped around her neck, making her unable to move. Other tentacles ripped her leggings to show off her drenched pussy. She then got passionate and rammed into the lockers. As one of the tentacle monsters fucked her pussy, another one entered her mouth. Because of this, nobody could hear her naughty moans. You get to see all kinds of juicy closeups as she gets shagged in the locker room.


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This beauty was so small that fitting into that locker was a piece of cake. As the hentai tentacles fucked her from all sides, she eventually got completely drunk on their cum. You can see her tight pussy completely filled with juicy cum, just like her mouth. Once the alien monster had enough, it vanished into thin air.


However, Macy Meadows was still in the lockers with her mind completely numb. Her acting skills are so amazing that by the end of this session, you’ll believe all of this to be a reality. Soon enough, she was found by one of her friends!

5.   Higher Entities

Higher Entities

To all the lovers of this fetish, you are going to love watching Amirah Adara get fucked all the way through. It all began when she summoned alien porn entities into her house. While waiting for the aliens to arrive, Amirah Adara got naked and began masturbating. When the aliens arrived, they saw this as an invitation.


This is when hentai tentacles grabbed her legs and began fucking her hard. In the end, they took her to a dark room where she got bent over in doggy style and got shagged all the way through. You get to see a bunch of tentacles enter her ass and exit through her mouth. But don’t worry, Amirah Adara loved every single second of it.


These hentai tentacles did not stop until she orgasmed multiple times. However, this is when the alien porn monster appeared. It seems like the monster is quite hungry. So once the beauty was fully satisfied… you get to see the monster swallow her whole. Now, this is quite an unexpected turn of events! Of course, these are just a couple of Hentaied porn movies with unpredictable plots. There are a ton more you are free to enjoy if you just check out our selection of the hottest tentacles porn!