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Hentaied Models Who Got Drunk on Alien Cum

October 31, 2023

You probably never imagined you would read these words, but yes, it’s true! Some pornstars are eager to get their hands on alien tentacles, but more importantly, they would like to drink some alien cum.


Instead of watching the old porn videos where chicks get screwed by horny guys and sometimes other female pornstars, you’ll have a chance to see something new that the world hasn’t seen before. Even though we still haven’t had contact with the aliens, that didn’t stop some of these babes from making Hentaied porn videos where they get drilled with many tentacles and, in the end, get sprayed with more jizz than you can produce in a year!


If you’re wondering which girls are crazy enough to get it on with alien monsters, then you’ll be in for a surprise. If you think there are just a couple of pornstars who don’t mind getting their freak on with tentacle monsters, then you’d be wrong. There are many pornstars who don’t mind choosing alien partners over guys, so let’s take a look at some of the freakiest babes you’ll find in one of the Hentaied scenes.

Veronica Leal

Veronica Leal

We’ve all seen Veronica Leal in action, but have you ever seen this Colombian hottie get her freak on with a tentacle monster? Didn’t think so! Well, she doesn’t care if her next partner is a guy, a girl, or even a monster because all she cares about is getting drilled and rewarded with a lot of jizz in the end.


You’ll have a chance to watch this horny freak in 7 Hentaied porn videos, and you won’t be able to tell in which one she gets rewarded with more jizz. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to make the monster cum, so don’t get surprised if you see Veronica suck a tentacle, get all of her holes penetrated, and do much more!


She doesn’t stop the fun until she gets what she deserves! It doesn’t matter if she has to get drilled for half an hour or a much shorter period. The only thing that matters is that she gets all of her holes full of cum!

Rae Lil Black

Rae Lil Black

Japanese chicks were always one of the freakiest babes in the world, and the perfect example of what I mean is Rae Lil Black. This lovely babe cares only about one thing, which is getting satisfied.


It doesn’t matter if she has to suck a dick, eat a pussy, or do something else as long as she gets what she deserves in the end! Well, lately, she decided to step up her game by getting her freak on with tentacle monsters. Ever since she made this decision, she started experiencing new things that left her shaking and full of cum in the end.


Whether Rae Lil Black gets possessed and drilled in all of her holes with multiple tentacles or willingly spreads her legs to get fucked by an alien monster, she wants one thing! After all that’s done, she loves getting all of her holes filled with cum, but she doesn’t mind getting drenched in jizz as well. We could simply say that she loves to eat cum more than anything else!

Little Angel

Little Angel

Little Angel always liked to experiment with new things, but once she had her first encounter with an alien monster, she decided it was time to stop because she had found the thing that pleased her the most.


Ever since she joined the adult industry, she showed her love for jizz, which can be seen in one of many of her scenes. Well, after she’s tried her luck with Hentaied porn videos, she learned the new meaning of getting jizzed, and you’ll have a chance to see this beauty full of cum in one of her videos!


Not only does she love getting rewarded with cum, but she also doesn’t mind having some freaky fun with alien monsters. Whether she has to suck a tentacle, get her asshole drilled with multiple tentacles at once, or do something even freakier, she won’t say no as long as she’s promised she’s going to get all of her holes full of cum in the end!


You think you’ve seen a chick who’s had a big creampie, but I doubt any of those scenes come even close to the ones where Little Angel plays the main role. After she’s done with a tentacle monster, she looks like she’s taken a bath in jizz, and if that doesn’t show how much she loves fresh cum, nothing does!

Lulu Chu

Lulu Chu

Don’t you just love looking at sexy Asian chicks while they do all kinds of freaky things to please their partners? Well, Lulu Chu decided to bring that pleasure to a whole new level because instead of getting wild with horny guys, she started fooling around with alien monsters.


She can’t go a day without getting her hands on a dick, but sometimes, when there’s no dick around, she’ll give a long alien tentacle a shot. Lulu doesn’t really care what’s penetrating her as long as something is entering her body, but that’s not the thing that satisfies her the most.


After working long and hard to please the tentacle monster, she expects something in return. All she wants is to get drenched in cum in the end. That’s not a lot, right?


Well, she got a lot more than she expected because after she’s done with the monster, all of her holes end up being full of warm jizz, but that’s not all. Lulu doesn’t mind getting facials or spraying any other body part with cum, so as long as this beauty gets rewarded with alien cum, she’s going to stay happy!

Emma Bugg

Emma Bugg

Don’t let the sweet look of Emma Bugg fool you because she’s everything but sweet when she gets in front of a dick. All she cares about is getting her hands on a long hard cock that’s going to penetrate all of her holes, but lately, she decided to change that dick for long alien tentacles. I’d say she’s made the right decision because ever since she’s done that, she has become much happier.


Most pornstars would freak out if they saw a tentacle coming their way, but not Emma Bugg. She starts getting hornier the closer the tentacle comes to her! All she can think about is getting pleased with that long dick-shaped thing!


Emma Bugg loves getting her pussy drilled the most, but she’s not afraid of taking a long tentacle in her tight asshole. You’ll have a chance to see each one of her holes penetrated in Hentaied porn videos, but that’s not the best part. She loves something even more than having freaky sex with a monster.


One thing Emma couldn’t go without is drinking a ton of cum. She doesn’t necessarily have to drink cum; she’ll be happy just by getting a facial or a creampie. That got a whole new meaning after she started fooling around with alien monsters because those monsters don’t joke around. When they cum, they leave the girl completely drenched in cum, which is exactly what Emma Bugg wanted from the beginning!

May Thai

May Thai

I have a feeling that Asian girls are the only ones who aren’t afraid to have some fun with alien monsters. Even though you can find girls from all around the world who would do anything to get their hands on a long alien tentacle, most of them seem to be from Asia, and so is May Thai!


This slutty babe was born in 1997, and ever since her 18th birthday, she couldn’t stop thinking about getting her whole body covered with cum. Well, her wish was about to come true because it didn’t take her long to join the adult industry and become one of the freakiest pornstars ever to exist.


Even though she didn’t start with the wildest things right away, it didn’t take her long to try out her luck with Hentaied porn videos, which turned out to be her new favorite thing. Getting drilled with multiple tentacles at once seemed to please May Thai more than any huge dick could ever before!


As much as she loves getting penetrated with long tentacles, there’s one thing that she can’t imagine her day without. After she’s done with sucking a tentacle, getting her pussy and asshole drilled like never before, she expects only one thing in return. She must get some of that alien cum!


It doesn’t matter if the alien monster cums all over her sexy petite body or fills up all of her holes with warm jizz. The only thing that matters is that she gets her daily dose of alien jizz because she can’t go to sleep without it!


If she could choose, there’s no doubt she would choose to get huge creampies over getting facials, and you can see why I said that in one of her videos where getting drilled hard and pumped full of cum are common things to see!