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Hot Hentaied Stars Who Got Fucked All The Way Through

November 21, 2023

Have you ever heard of the fetish called ‘all the way through?’ It is not something you see every day, and it’s definitely not for everyone. But to all the fans of hentai, we decided to bring this niche to life. Welcome to the hottest all the way through Hentaied porn scenes. Some of our pornstars were down to giving this fetish a go, and they looked incredibly sexy doing so.


Do you want to watch real hentai pornstars get fucked all the way through? You’ve come to the right place. On Hentaied, that is exactly what we have to offer, along with many other interesting fetishes. But let’s talk about this one first. Here is a list of the hottest real hentai girls who participated in this fetish, and their most popular videos.

1.   Prison Time

Prison Time

Are you ready to see two gorgeous Asian girls in action? May Thai and Rae Lil Black have undeniable chemistry. Something nobody can resist! In this video, they were fere happy to get fucked all the way through.


It all started when Rae disappeared. Her friend May was searching all over for her. She ends up finding Rae locked up in a prison cell. Rae is naked and out of her mind, and she tries to warn May not to come into the cell. However, May does not listen. She thinks that Rae is just having a nightmare, so she decides to go inside and help her friend out.


As soon as she opens the prison cell, she is welcomed by the tentacle monster. The tentacles will drag her into the cell, taking off her clothes. They will start fucking her tight little pussy, while doing the same to her friend Rae. This is exactly what Rae was trying to warn her about. The monster will never stop!


Eventually, these two cuties will get both their tunnels fucked simultaneously. The tentacles will suck and penetrate every inch of their body. But that was definitely not enough. So, the tentacle monster will shove its tentacles deep inside their holes, exiting through their mouth. This is the real meaning of getting fucked all the way through.


As the tentacle exits May’s mouth, it will enter Rae. The two girls had no choice but to endure everything while getting shagged in all sorts of ways. It would be a lie if they said that they did not enjoy it, considering they orgasmed countless times during this scene. In the end, both beauties will get completely filled with loads of delicious spunk!

2.   The Prisoner

The Prisoner

It seems like the wildest things happen in prisons. This time it was Eve’s time! Meet two gorgeous brunette girls, Ellie Luna and Eve Sweet. They are both incredibly pretty and ready to experience a new level of fucking… getting fucked all the way through. Starting off Ellie Luna is captured by Eve Sweet. She is locked in a prison cell and completely naked. Eve is streaming everything live and wants to find the perfect way to punish this naughty girl.


But that is when everything changes. As Eve converses with her viewers, she accidentally calls upon a mysterious power. This is when tentacles start emerging from Ellie. As she approaches the prison cell, Eve will get pinned to the bars by the tentacles. Ellie will be helping the tentacle monster to get its fun with this gorgeous prison guard.


She will hold her mouth open for the tentacle to start penetrating her. As it enters her mouth, Ellie will take off Eve’s clothes and play with her amazing tits. Tentacles will go all over her body, producing loads of cum and covering her in all sorts of ways. The tentacle will fill her stomach with loads of cum… but that is not all!


After she shows off her cum-bloated tummy, she will also get fucked all the way through. You get to see the tentacle enter her tunnel and exit through her mouth. After such a hardcore scene, Eve ends up fainting in front of the prison cell while the live transmission is still going. All her fans got to witness something amazing!

3.   The Gloryhole

The Gloryhole

You’ve surely seen some kinky gloryhole videos… but none of them are as odd and addictive as this one. Meet the beautiful dark-haired cutie named Mary Bambola. She is eager to have a fun new adventure on her day off. However, even she did not expect so much variety when she decided to visit the famous glory hole.


Actually, Mary was asked by her friends to help them pick up a book in their attic. When she entered the attic, it was completely dark, filled with weird-looking creatures. This is when she signed up to be a participant of the famous Gloryhole… she decided to stay. There was a heart-shaped Gloryhole in the middle of the room.


As the weird creatures stared at her, she decided to peek through. After all, what was the worst thing that could happen? This is when tentacles emerged out of nowhere and pinned her hard. One wrapped around her neck, and the other took off her panties. She got her pussy fucked hard, and it seemed like she enjoyed every second of that.


After that, she turned around and waited for another round of hardcore fucking. What she did not expect is to get fucked all the way through. As the tentacle filled her pussy with cum, it went in for another round. But this time, it passed all the way through her system and exited through her mouth. She could not fathom what was happening, but she enjoyed every second of it!

4.   Geology Lab: The New Ass-istant

Geology Labistant

Jia Lissa is one of the most popular babes on Hentaied. This is because she is not only incredibly beautiful, she is open-minded and eager to try all sorts of new things. There’s not much stopping her once she sets her mind to it! In this video, she is back in her Jiology lab. She is welcoming a new assistant, a pretty girl by the name of Veronica Leal.


As Jia introduces her to the equipment and the parasites that are dangerous, she leaves her alone. Of course, Veronica is instructed not to touch anything… but you could say that her curiosity got the better of her. She did touch stuff around the lab, and that is when an alien parasite entered her.


She was now possessed and in heat. Veronica took off all her clothes and tried to find a way to make herself feel good. That is when Jia came back and realized what happened. At first, she yelled at her assistant but then realized that there was really no reason to do that. Instead, she could just have some fun!


This is when Jia spread Veronica’s legs, and invited her alien friends to have fun. You get to see alien tentacles emerge from the room and slowly enter both of Veronica’s tight, wet tunnels. They will fuck her hard until filling her up with cum.


But that was not done! After that, another tentacle will enter her asshole and fuck her all the way through. As it emerged through Veronica’s mouth, Jia could not hold back. She will suck off that tentacle and have lots of fun… waiting for the alien parasite to exit Veronica’s body.

5.   Mr. Alien Tinder Game

Mr. Alien Tinder Game

Canela Skin is a beautiful Colombian girl with a pretty face. She is the best when it comes to making ahegao faces. Are you ready to see her in a real hentai porn movie? Well, on Hentaied, we make sure to make every scene seem as realistic as possible.


Today, Canela was browsing Tinder. She was eager to have a one-night stand. Just a fling and nothing more. But it seems like everyone on Tinder was boring. That was until she saw Mr. Alien. She decided to match him, and the two set up a fun date to meet.


It did not take long before Mr. Alien emerged from her house. It came to satisfy her naughtiest wishes. The tentacles will take off her stockings and remove her undies. As it slowly slides inside her pussy, you will get to see an inside shot! In the end, she will be turned into a doggy so the tentacles can penetrate both her holes.


In the end, you get to see Canela choke on loads of cum cumming out of her mouth You also get to see the tentacles fuck her all the way through, as it exists from her mouth. Canela loved every second of her encounter with Mr. Alien, and she plans to send him a message again, soon!


Getting fucked all the way through is an experience like no other. Although this is mainly only presented in hentai videos, we’ve decided to make it a reality. On Hentaied we make all your hentai dreams come to life, so do not hesitate to search for your favorite fetishes. All the cuties in these videos got fucked all the way through… but there is definitely more where that came from!