Tentacles Infesting Women’s Beds

Tentacles Infesting Women’s Beds

November 10, 2023

Hentai lovemaking comes in many different forms. Some cuties are fucked by aliens, others are possessed… and then there are the cuties who enjoy tentacle pleasures. Hentaied is here to fulfill your naughtiest hentai desires. But instead of animations, you get to enjoy the real deal as much as you want.


Are you ready to see some of your favorite pornstars get shagged by tentacle monsters? How about getting filled to the brim and featured in cumflation porn movies? Hentaied will deliver all the goods. Take your time and explore our selection of tentacle porn movies; you won’t be disappointed. If you don’t know where to start, here are the hottest tentacle porn movies that happened in the bedroom.

1.   Hospital


Weird things happen in the hospitals. Lulu Chu had to spend the night in a hospital. She was feeling bored, so she took her phone out and decided to ignore her surroundings. It was already dark outside, so there shouldn’t be anyone around anyway. As she played around with her phone, she did not see a long tentacle slowly find its way to her room. It crawled over the floor and entered her bed.


Starting off, it wrapped itself around her neck, choking and making her unable to move at all. Then it removed her hospital gown and made its way to her delicious pussy. Lulu Chu has an amazing body with perfect curves in all the right places. She will get her legs spread wide open with other tentacles as another starts fucking her head. The whole time, she will get choked, making cute ahegao faces.


Eventually, the alien tentacles will flip her over for a nice session of ass fucking, too. You get to see her tight little ass get ravished by tentacles, her mouth too! She will enjoy getting ass fucked hard, and eventually, she will get double fucked simultaneously. Watch her get filled up and leak out all the delicious cum, right onto the hospital beds. Try explaining that one to the doctors!

2.   Tentacle Nightmares

Tentacle Nightmares

After hearing an odd noise from her kitchen, Amirah Adara is startled. She wants to check out where the noise is coming from but is too scared. So, instead, she tells herself that this is all in her imagination and that there is nothing to worry about. Amirah then forces herself to go to sleep. However, she should have definitely explored where that sound came from and maybe tried to make a run for it! But we are all glad that she did not because now we get to see her fucked by a tentacle monster.


After she falls asleep, we see a tentacle monster slowly crawling its way towards her bed. It will go under the sheets and wrap around her neck. Upon waking up, Amirah is startled and doesn’t understand what is happening. She is unable to move, and the tentacle turns her around on her stomach. This gives us a great view of her ass and shaved pussy! The tentacles will start penetrating her delicious twat, making her reach an orgasm.


After that, she will get both her tunnels fucked at the same time, as a tentacle hand wraps around her mouth. Amirah will get fully filled up with cum, and leak everything out once the tentacles exit her body. Of course, that is not enough. This cutie will continuously get fucked under the covers, until the tentacle monster extracts all the cum into and onto her delightful body. In the end, you get to see her completely covered in cum, while lying in bed.

3.   Fill — Milk Repeat

Fill—Milk Repeat

What happens when you go to a gynecologist’s room without an invitation? Well, now you get to find out. Meet the beautiful Mia Nix. She is a gorgeous Latina girl with nice curls, a skinny body, and a dirty mind. She loves to be the center of attention and will do whatever it takes to get attention. Today, she decided to explore a gynecology room that looked a bit odd. She walked around the room and did not realize that there was a monster creeping up. The monster got a hold of her, and she soon lost consciousness.


Upon waking up, Mia was naked, spread wide open on that gynecology exam table. She could not move, as long tentacles were wrapped around her limbs. This beauty was scared and did not know what was happening. There was one tentacle fucking her tight little ass while another was penetrating her mouth. After a while, she got filled up from both ends, and you even got to see her stomach expand fully. The cum started gushing out of her, but that was just the beginning.


Mouth-like tentacles then started sucking on her nipples, as another one was fucking her tight cunt. There was a tentacle fucking all her delicious orifices, and all she could do is endure the pleasures. After loads of penetration, you get to see this pretty girl’s face completely covered in cum, while she is unable to even look around. Mia Nix is a stunning Colombian beauty and she is always in the mood for something naughty!

4.   Dream In — Dream Out

Dream In Dream Out

Jennifer Mendez is home alone. She decided to pleasure herself before bed. As she is talking to her boyfriend, she decides to stop instead. This beauty prefers the real deal and feels like it would ruin the mood if she masturbated now. So, instead, she hangs up the phone and decides to go to sleep. As she falls asleep, a tentacle monster will creep up to her bed and start massaging her nice bits. This will make her moan in pleasure, even though she doesn’t even know what is happening.


As she wakes up, the tentacle monster will grab her arms and make her unable to move. She is already sweaty from all the pent-up horniness, and it seems like she does not mind getting rammed hard. The tentacle monster will start fucking her while holding her hands, but eventually it will let her go. Jennifer was waiting to get fucked good and hard for a long time so she was not trying to escape or make the monster stop. She was here enjoying the session as much as she could.


As she is getting fucked, this cutie will start playing with her massive tits. She will turn around and get rammed by two hard tentacles simultaneously. One of them will penetrate throughout her body and exit through her mouth. She will be surprised at the beginning, but in the end, she will accept her fate and enjoy every single moment of it. In the end, you get to see Jennifer’s naughty curves completely soaked with white alien spunk.

5.   Hospitalized


Alexa Foxy is a beauty like no other. She is taking a nap in the hospital because it is finally time for a break. She is trying to catch some shuteye before the next shift starts. But the tentacle monster had different intentions. As she is sleeping, the tentacle monster will slowly creep up to her, making sure not to wake her up. It would then wrap itself around her limbs and make her spread wide open. Alexa is unable to react before any of this happens!


Mr. Alien is then ripping her leggings, exposing her beautifully drenched pussy. He is ready to show Alexa a world of pleasure if she only lets him. Looks like Alexa was looking forward to this as much as the alien because she just could not wait to get fucked hard. The tentacle monster will start penetrating her pussy, making her moan in pleasure. It kept going no matter how many times she orgasmed, which is why Mr. Alien is actually loved by the nursing staff in that hospital!


You get to see it go hard for a long time. Eventually, it will release its sweet spunk inside of Alexa. But there is so much semen to go around that Alexa will end up with cum oozing out of her mouth before it does her pussy. Her mouth will be filled with cum, and she will spit it out on herself while getting filled to the brim. It seems like Mr. Alien was able to satisfy yet another beautiful nurse in this hospital, and it is moving on to the next babe!


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