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January 16, 2023

Here is our list of the 10 best cumflation videos for the upcoming 2023. You will see some of the best 3D cumflation porn the world of real-life hentai has to offer. While the list goes from 10 to 1, it’s all subject to taste, and some of these might be sorted out in a different order depending on what you like better. Without further ado, let’s dive straight into it!


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10. Tentacle Cleaning

A Japanese cleaning lady Emiri Momota is working in a science lab late at night when no one is around. She has a routine of listening to music on max and doing her work when suddenly she comes across a stain on one of the chairs. It’s white and sticky, and she’s all into getting it cleaned while a bunch of tentacles begins their ambush. 


Emiri Momota cumlation

Emiri Momota cumlation


The unsuspecting cleaning lady gets bound to the very chair she was cleaning, and the tentacles begin to work their magic. This scene even contains the “facehugger” alien tentacles that attach to her tits and suck them out until milk starts pouring out her nipples. Most importantly, she is filled with gallons of thick white alien cum that makes her cumflate. Once the tentacle unplugs out of her slit, the cum pours out and her belly deflates, followed by an intense rimjob for the finish.


9. Jiology Lab: Low IQ Procreation

The Jiology Lab series with Jia Lissa at the helm as a mad, tentacle-obsessed scientist, brings one of the most interesting cumflation videos. She tricks Alya Stark into becoming her subject with vague explanations of what she has to do and money, so she doesn’t even ask questions. Once she’s bound to the table, Jia briefly exits the room because she has forgotten something, and in the meantime the tentacle monster gets loose.


The tentacles sprawl all over Alya and begin to fuck her before Jia comes and helps them inseminate the subject so Jia can harvest baby tentacles. Alya’s stomach expands from the potent alien cum, to the point of bursting, before it slowly deflates and new tentacles sprout out of her slit. Jia was ecstatic, but these creatures see her as no different from Alya. They subdue Jia and begin stuffing her mouth with semen. Most of it finishes up inside Jia’s belly, which also cumflates in a fantastic fashion.


8 Tentacle Nightmares 

This scene with Amirah Adarah builds up from the very beginning, to turn into one of the best hentai cumflation. The eerie atmosphere of the bedroom where she’s alone, the sound of a window breaking that she dismisses as her mind tricking her, and then falling asleep. Of course, it’s all because of the tentacles, they have sensed this beauty from afar and broke into her home to surprise her in sleep.


Tentacle Nightmares with Amirah Adara

Tentacle Nightmares with Amirah Adara


They crawl under her cover and wrap Amirah in it, binding her down, and spreading her legs. Her underwear is stripped off, and the tentacle cocks begin to fill her up with multiple cumshots. Her mouth, that tight ass, and even pussy, all get pounded and filled up with massive amounts of alien jizz. Amirah ends up curled up and her belly cumflating, while she trembles in a puddle of semen.


7. When The Water Breaks

Jia Lissa experiences a serious case of cramps in her stomach and expansion at the very beginning of this video. Sadly it’s not due to cum, but her previous encounter with the tentacles where she got pregnant by them. Although she comes to terms quite quickly, Jia is confused by the whole ordeal, followed by her water breaking, and herself losing consciousness.


She wakes up in a dark room, surrounded by tentacles once again. She’s tightly held down by her limbs and her throat is filled with cum while she still gets mouthfucked by a tentacle. Then, while laying down on the floor, the tentacles get her legs behind her head so her pussy is wide open for some deep drilling. Of course, this also means that she’s filled with massive amounts of cum by multiple tentacles that are eager to impregnate her once again. Her stomach expands, Jia’s eyes bulge out and she trembles whole until it deflates again and she gives birth to new tentacles.


6. From Ass Till Mouth

Little Dragon is celebrating her birthday, however, she has started to party by herself before any of the guests have arrived. She’s carried away with the sounds of music, dancing seductively, and it seems that her dance has attracted some uninvited guests. Once she opens her eyes, there are tentacles everywhere around her. They hold her down and begin to pound her pussy.


Little Dragon in From Ass Till Mouth

Little Dragon in From Ass Till Mouth


But her tight bunghole is even more inviting, and it attracts the thickest of the tentacles that go all the way through and out of her mouth. Her belly is filled with cum from the tentacle up her ass, it makes her belly expand, ripping her silky dress off. Little Dragon’s cumflation almost makes her skin crack from the expansion until she starts moaning from all the pressure being released as all the cum bursts out of her.


5. Extreme Cumflation 

The 2nd spot on this list of the best cumflations rightfully goes to Veronica Leal’s Extreme Cumflation video. She’s taken by horny aliens, appearing nude in a well-known dark spaceship with fear visibly bursting out of her eyes. They wrap around her feet and arms together and hogtie Veronica, so her tight bunghole is the first thing to be fucked, and it’s going to be the only one.


Cum exploding from Veronica Leal's pussy

Cum exploding from Veronica Leal’s pussy


She takes one tentacle, followed by another one, and in time there are 4 of them gaping Veronica’s ass all tightly packed inside it. As she’s being drilled, Veronica also takes an all the way through tentacle that goes out of her mouth. And wouldn’t you know it, having so many tentacle cocks come inside you all at the same time is what’s causing cumflation? Her belly expands to new incredible heights, while she’s struggling to expunge all that liquid. Eventually, she does manage to save herself, as all the liquid bursts out of her slit as a geyser, covering the whole room in it.


4. Dropouts Pt 2

This video features not one, but 4 girls who are about to be inflated with cum. They are punished by the aliens and serve as sex slaves. The 5th girl is their mentor, she’s the one keeping everything in order and guiding the rest of the group on what they should do.


At this moment, all they need to do is let the tentacle cocks do their job. They’re fucked for hours, their pussies are filled up with cum, and it stays inside while the next load keeps coming, time after time. Eventually, they all cumflate at the same time, in sync, in what seems to be a near-case of explosion seconds before they reach an orgasm, and the mix of love juices and alien semen flows out of them.


3. The Arcade Machine Pt 1

Purple Bitch is a busty babe who gets drawn into the world of an arcade machine, and it’s one of the best cumflation porn you will ever see. She loves playing the game itself but one of the boss fights is giving her trouble. Once she gets to exist inside the game, Purple Bitch has the chance to face the big alien with tentacles by herself. Of course, she fails and gets overpowered by him. Her latex suit gets ripped off, and she’s held tight by him while he begins to explore her body.


Arcade Machine Pt. 1 with Purple Bitch

Arcade Machine Pt. 1 with Purple Bitch


Her mouth and pussy are the first ones to get the attention of the alien and his tentacles but soon enough he decides to go inside her bunghole as well. Purple Bitch is in total ahegao moment while she’s being stuffed with semen. Her belly starts to cumflate while she’s still being fed cum down her throat. She’s trying to spit out as much as she can but the thick tentacle in her mouth keeps filling more than she can handle. Purple Bitch cumflates even harder before the alien lets her take a breather and deflates. All of that seems to have made her only crave more, and Purple Bitch does get another round of cumshots.


2. Fill, Milk, Repeat

Mía Nix gets lost and despite her bad feeling, she decides to look around in a hidden laboratory. As she is wondering around, the alien monster lurking in the abandoned facility smells her, and its tentacles start creeping around her legs. Soon, the tentacles take her over and the next moment she wakes up, she finds herself laying completely naked on a table. The tentacles are filling all her holes and the alien starts pumping slimy alien cum in her petite body. As her body is being filled, it starts swelling like a balloon until it almost explodes!


Mía Nix cumflation

Mía Nix cumflation


1. Filled Up

Yukki Amey is in a particularly tricky situation, she’s a sex slave for alien tentacles in a dark, desolate spaceship. Time and time again, she wakes up and gets fucked by them, only to fall asleep and have the cycle repeat. She can eat all she wants but the only thing served are gallons of tentacle alien cum.


Filled Up cumflation with Yukki Amey

Filled Up with Yukki Amey


The reason why we’re opening this video as the beginning of the best cumflation porn is the cumflation scene itself. By the end of her journey, Yuuki is filled with so much semen by so many tentacles, that her belly inflates really, really hard. Then it slowly deflates, as all that cum leaks out of her mouth and pussy, and she’s going through an ahegao moment one can only be jealous of.

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