4 fetishes you can enjoy on Hentaied

Top 4 fetishes you can enjoy on Hentaied

March 6, 2024

The world of hentai can be incredibly kinky. It is known for many of its kinks and fetishes, and it is mainly known for its ability to make unrealistic things come to life. Regardless of your naughty preferences, you will always be able to find your perfect kinks on Hentaied. Of course, we focus on delivering live-action hentai with real girls getting fucked!


So, what kinds of things get you in the mood? Are you searching for tentacle porn? Or maybe you prefer to watch gorgeous women experience cumflation? Lucky for you, at Hentaied, we deliver all the juicy goodies! However, some fetishes are more popular than others… that is just inevitable.


If you are in the mood to experience some naughty real life hentai content, you’ve come to the right place. Take your sweet time and browse through our selection of hentai videos. Feel overwhelmed? It’s not surprising. We have loads of porn movies for you to check out! To make the search easier, here is a list of the hottest fetishes you should start with.

1.   Ahegao Face

Ahegao Face

Have you ever heard of this expression? Ahegao is a term used in Japanese anime and manga. It describes a facial expression in moments of extreme arousal. It is usually exaggerated, showing characters rolling their eyes back, crossing their eyes, having flushed cheeks, drooling, and protruding their tongue.


Can you find ahegao videos on Hentaied? Of course. In fact, many of our beautiful models show off their ahegao faces when they are getting riled up in the best way possible. Here are three examples to get you started!


Oviposition 3 with Eve Sweet: If you love alien porn, this one is for you. Here, you get to see this gorgeous girl wearing a one-piece DVA cosplay. After getting stuck between the stairs, an alien comes over and fucks her hard. She ends up orgasming and making ahegao expressions.


Mr. Alien Tinder Game: Yet another alien porn video! But in this one, you get to see the gorgeous Canela Skin in action. She is on Tinder trying to find a fuck buddy. So after running into an alien with a massive dick, she decided to test it out… we all know how that ended!


Liquid Love: Maybe you prefer lactation? Well, meet Capri Lmonde. She is a beautiful blue-haired real hentai girl ready to pleasure herself. Starting off she will play with her tits and even lactate. Later on, you get to see her bent over with handcuffs as she eventually rides a dildo and gets completely drenched… all while making the hot ahegao face!

2.   Brain Fucking

Brain Fucking

This fetish is not often seen, which is what makes is so darn addictive on hentaied. A lot of our viewers can’t have enough of watching beautiful women get their brains fucked. In these videos, the girls will have tentacles enter their ears. Usually, these tentacles will get them hooked on cum and just play with their brain. To make things easier to understand, here are three videos you should check out!


The Upside Down: Ready to see Alice Hernandez, Barbie Rous, and Emiri Momota in action? Well, in this video, the three girls are captured together. It all started in the locker rooms, and once they were captured, these babes woke up in a dark room. Barbie Rous will get her brains fucked first; after that, her friends will get the same treatment. You get to see them all fucked in a chain-like motion.


The Fortune Teller: Meet Josephine! A beautiful brunette with all the right curves. She got lost in a village and wandered around, trying to seek help. But she did not manage to find any. Instead, she finds herself in a weird cabin, and while exploring it, she gets attacked by a tentacle monster. She got strapped to a chair, brain fucked, and ravished in all sorts of ways!


Brain Fucked: Tiffany Tatum is definitely one of a kind! Right off the bat, she is eating loads of hard tentacles. This tentacle porn video will show off her naughty skills… and you get to see both her tunnels fucked, too. Of course, eventually, she will get her brain fucked too. But not from the ears! Instead, the tentacles will take her head off without killing her, and then fuck her brain that way!

3.   Cumflation


Cumflation porn movies involve beauties of all shapes and sizes. These girls are beautiful, sexy, and not afraid to get fucked by tentacles. However, they will also get filled to the brim! What makes these videos different from creampie porn is the fact that their tummy will expand. They will receive so much cum, that their tummies will expand in size! That is why the videos are called cumflation porn movies. Here are three you should check out.


Hospital: Ready to see Lulu Chu fucked hard? She is in the hospital just chilling, waiting for tomorrow to come. This is when a tentacle alien will approach her bed. She will not notice it until it is too late! As a tentacle wraps around her neck, she won’t be able to resist it. In the end, she will get all her holes fucked up… and, of course, filled with so much cum that her stomach will double in size!


Deepthroat Cumflation: Here is everyone’s favorite redhead in action yet again! Jia Lissa is a beautiful, dark-eyed beauty with pretty red hair and pale skin. In this video, you get to see her in a sexy bikini, getting fucked by tentacles from all sides. She will have her pussy and face fucked and covered with loads of cum! The tentacle hentai alien will leave so much cum inside of her that her stomach will triple in size. Now that is a talent!


Cumflation: Lady Dee is here to show us how it’s done. She is a beautiful redhead who loves to make tentacles porn movies. At first, she will stare intensely at the camera. Then you get to see tentacles slowly approach and fuck her tight pussy. She will give us sexy ahegao faces, as she eventually gets filled with loads of alien spunk. Of course, you will get to see her stomach inflate, too!

4.   All The Way Through

All The Way Through

Now, this is something many people don’t talk about! It might be because while the hentai world has it all, it does not often include this fetish. So what exactly does it mean to be fucked all the way through? In simple words, this is when hentai tentacles enter a beautiful woman from one of her orifices and exit from the other. For example, they enter her pussy and exit through her mouth! Need some examples? Here they are:


Higher Entities: What happens when you chant a spell from a dark book? Well, Amirah Adara is about to find out! She found a book and was ready to summon a creature to fuck her. But it seems like the book did not work. So she decided to start the party on her own. This is when the book began to glow. An alien appeared in front of her! As the hentai tentacles fucked her orifices, one tentacle entered her ass and exited through her mouth. It fucked her all the way through!


The Prisoner: Eve Sweet has captured Ellie Luna and is streaming her to an audience of haters. However, Ellie Luna has different plans. When Eve approaches the cell, she captures her and calls upon the hentai tentacles. They strap Eve Sweet so she is unable to move. Ellie will use this opportunity to help Mr. Alien get his way while touching her breasts! Then they fuck her in all sorts of ways, ending it with a juicy all-the-way-through fuck fest. In the end, Eve will get covered with loads of cum! You even get to see a bit of cumflation.


Slimy Disappearances: Three detective beauties are on a rather odd case. As they are exploring one room, Jia Lissa decides to do her own research. As she goes to a different room, she is attacked by a parasite. It possesses her, and she starts masturbating like crazy. She gets back to Rae Lil Black and Alissa Foxy, and the two girls are surprised. They get captured by tentacles that seem to be controlled by Jia… These three babes will get fucked all the way through and filled with loads of cum!


When it comes to variety, it goes without saying that real life hentai is all you need! Don’t worry, on Hentaied, we make sure to provide you with a lot of amazing porn content. You can find a lot of hentai tentacles fucking beautiful babes, or alien porn content. The beauty of hentai is that you can always expect the unexpected.


For example, you could find Stranger Things porn movies… or if you are a gamer, you are going to love cosplay and Baldurs Gate porn, too. It all comes down to your personal preferences, and we have everything!