Top 4 Tiniest pornstars featured on Hentaied

Top 4 Tiniest pornstars featured on Hentaied

January 27, 2024

Some girls look innocent on the outside but are some of the horniest girls you will ever meet. They tend to be rather petite and often quite dirty-minded. These cuties make the perfect blend of innocent and adorable! Of course, we had to feature a lot of petite pornstars on our website. What better way to enjoy your afternoon than to watch a tiny girl get fucked by loads of tentacles?


Well, you are in for quite a treat on Hentaied. You can find beautiful, tiny girls of all shapes. They are sexy, hot, and always in the mood for something dirty. You can catch them getting fucked by tentacles, covered with cum, or just pleasuring each other while completely bound by tentacles. Hentaied is here to keep you engaged and entertained!


You don’t know how to find these tiny girls? Well, we are here to make your life easier. The list below will mention some of the hottest pornstars who are known for their tiny size and naughty will to get fucked by big tentacles. You will also get to learn more about the movies they were featured in. So, let’s get down to it!

1.   Kelly Collins

Kelly Collins

Although she hasn’t been in the industry for that long, Kelly Collins has shown us incredible talent. She is a Russian beauty born in 1999. This babe is around 165cm tall and only 50kg. She is quite slim and petite, the perfect size for hardcore fucking with horny tentacle monsters. After starting her career in 2022, Kelly Collins showed off her skills in various porn scenes… including Hentaied!


One of her most popular movies is called Filled Up 2. Here, she got to demonstrate just how amazing she is! You should know that Kelly Collins has other kinds of porn movies on Hentaied, so do not forget to check out all her work. In this episode of the alien fucking, Kelly Collins is on a mission to defeat an evil alien that has taken many female victims. She was not ready to be the next one.


She is exploring the area with a gun in one of her hands, ready to shoot at any moment. But it seems like her braveness was not enough to protect her. Instead, the alien was able to make her unconscious. Once she woke up, she was in a completely dark room. The alien tentacles ripped open her outfit and started playing with her pussy. One of the tentacles fucked her hard and made sure to fill her up nicely.

Kelly Collins is very talented! She can protrude her belly, so you get the perfect simulation of her stomach getting filled with so much cum that she can’t handle it. In the end, you get to see her fucked from all sides, and she will also get her nipples sucked. Kelly Collins will be completely covered in cum and will love every second of it!

2.   Haneen


Meet the gorgeous blue-eyed goddess Haneen! Her real name is Brenda Santos, and she always had a thing for hentai porn. This babe was born in 1997 in Hungary and decided to join the industry in 2020. She is still an active pornstar and plans to be for a very long time. This beauty was born in Hungary, but she is actually a Latina. It is quite an odd mix because of her beautiful blue eyes and pale complexion.


Haneen is slim, tiny, and incredibly talented. We’ve made a lot of videos with this bundle of horniness, and we are planning to make a lot more. However, there is one particular porn movie that makes Haneen seem smaller than she actually is. The video is called Small Lady – Big Troubles, and it shows off her true beauty.


The story starts with the beautiful Haneen wearing a white dress without anything underneath. She is running through the woods from monsters. While trying to find a place to hide, she sees this dark cave. So she decides to hide in there, squatting down, trying not to make a sound. Of course, that did not really help her, as the monster found her. It approached her and picked her up, which caused Haneen to lose control over her bladder. She pissed herself.


The petite babe Haneen found herself in a dark room, on a cold table. Tentacles are holding her limbs, making her unable to move. As this is happening, some tentacles are penetrating her tight little pussy, and all she can do is try and struggle. Of course, that is not really working. She can’t break away from the tentacle monster! Watch this petite princess get fucked hard and completely covered with loads of alien spunk!

3.   Macy Meadows

Macy Meadows

This cute brunette was born in the USA. She is quite petite, being around 160cm and only 46kg. Macy Meadows has beautiful big blue eyes and a cute smile, and despite her tiny appearance, her character is huge. She makes every room look better as soon as she walks in. This cutie has a pretty tattoo above her ass, small perky tits, and a nice little butt. Although she seems rather fickle, Macy Meadows can handle a lot. She is incredibly talented with hardcore pleasures!

In this particular video, she was able to showcase her hottest talents. The video is called The Patient. It all starts with Macy Meadows being held in a mental institution. At first, she seems like she is completely out of it. But once another patient starts making fun of her, Macy Meadows snaps. She attacked the girl, and the guards intervened. It seems like Macy Meadows lost it and has to be confided in a closed space. So they threw her in the solitary room.


Macy Meadows will start screaming for help. Her clothes will suddenly disappear and she will see big black tentacles approaching her. That is impossible! She is completely locked in a room; nothing can get in. Must be all in her head! Well, regardless, the feelings she has are definitely not made up. As the tentacles approach her, they will start fondling all her good bits. One of the tentacles will enter her tight little pussy and start thrusting like there’s no tomorrow.


As one tentacle wraps around her neck, the others will penetrate her orifices. Macy Meadows won’t be able to resist. The tentacles are much stronger, even though this is all happening in her head. Nobody is there to help her; they all think she is crazy! Watch her struggle in the white room while she gets fucked, completely filled and covered with loads of delicious alien spunk!

4.   Lulu Chu

Lulu Chu

Ready to meet a tiny Asian cutie? Her name is Lulu Chu! She was born in 2001 in China. After joining the industry in 2019, she was featured in a lot of amazing porn movies. This cutie is only 145cm tall and 41kg. She is incredibly tiny and just the perfect addition to Hentaied. Lulu always gives her all during our porn shoots, and that is why everyone always falls in love with her. How could you not? She is tiny, beautiful, and sexy!


Lulu Chu filmed a couple of scenes with us. But one of the scenes that’ll surely get your attention is called Lulu’s Adventure. It all starts in Lulu’s room. She is ready to go to bed, and I spread one of her favorite books. As she closed the book and shut her eyes, she had this odd feeling. She feels like there is something close by, and she can’t move. This is when tentacles wrap around her and start massaging all her soft places.


This cutie is unable to resist. She just can’t pull away as the tentacles wrap themselves around her body. One of the tentacles will fuck her tiny cunt, and you get to enjoy a nice close-up. Another tentacle will wrap around her neck and fuck her mouth. She won’t be able to move until the tentacle monster ejaculates inside her pussy and mouth. This is when she lost consciousness and went to sleep.


After a couple of days, she is in the locker rooms, getting ready for practice. She is the only one in the room, and after hearing an odd sound, she is startled. But Lulu is trying to think about something else. She does not want to be scared of tentacles anymore! This is when the tentacle monster attacks her again and pushes her into the locker! This tiny girl will get fucked and completely covered with loads of spunk yet again.


These were just a couple of the hottest petite girls you can expect to see on Hentaied! Don’t forget we feature a lot of beautiful women. So, you can find babes of all shapes and sizes. If you are into petite girls, these are a few you can start with. But take your sweet time and browse through Hentaied. You will find a lot of pornstars who will surely get your motor running!