Top 5 videos with the juiciest cum showers

Top 5 videos with the juiciest cum showers

June 10, 2024

Whenever you are in a naughty mood to watch some real life hentai fuck fests, Hentaied is the place for you! We always make sure to provide you with high-quality hentai fuck fests featuring the most beautiful women you have ever seen. Plus, you get to enjoy tentacle porn movies covering various fetishes. Thus, regardless of what you are into, you are always in good hands here.


That said, who here loves to watch beautiful women get completely covered with cum? If that’s something that gets you in the mood, this blog is definitely for you. We will talk about some of the hottest porn videos featuring babes of all shapes and sizes getting completely soaked in alien porn cum!

1.   Toilet Encounters 4

Toilet Encounters 4

You know what they say… public toilets can be dangerous. You never know who or what you might meet… and that is definitely true for our real life hentai girl in this video. Her name is Emiri Momota. She is a gorgeous Asian girl with a slim body, nice perky tits, and a tight little ass. All she wanted to do was use the restroom… she did not know her life would be turned upside down.


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After going into the bathroom, she enjoyed a minute of silence. Soon enough, a random hentai tentacle emerged from the toilet and shoved itself inside her mouth. It all happened so fast that Emiri Momota could not react at all. As the tentacle penetrated her mouth, it eventually filled her up with loads of cum. After that, another hentai tentacle started fucking her pussy, and as she tried to run away, even more tentacles showed up.


She was held by four tentacles down on her back while benign fucked every which way. Her moans are incredibly erotic, and watching her get covered with more and more spunk is definitely addictive. You get to see her orgasm while getting shagged, and after the alien porn monster finished, it turned her around for another round. Now she was fucked in doggy style while also having her mouth filled with cum.


Needless to say, by the end of this session, Emiri Momota was fully covered in cum. But… it does seem like she enjoyed every second of it! Hentai tentacles are definitely her favorite!

2.   Small Lady – Big Troubles

Small Lady - Big Troubles

Who could possibly resist the adorable Haneen? She is an absolutely beautiful babe with petite curves and a tiny body. This babe is always in the mood for hardcore pleasures, and today was no different. In this alien porn movie, Haneen is running from a big man. He is chasing her down, and although she tries her best to hide, he finds her. This dude picks her up, and Haneen immediately pisses herself out of fear.


As she loses consciousness, he takes her to his cave to serve the tentacle porn monster. After Haneen wakes up, she is on a table with hentai tentacles approaching her from all sides. As they were slowly approaching her, they grabbed all her limbs and spread her wide open. Haneen was now naked and getting shagged hard. The tentacle monster did not hold back. It used multiple hentai tentacles to fuck her hard, and all you could hear were her naughty moans.


Of course, this beauty got fucked many times, and that resulted in her getting completely covered in cum. That said, because of her tiny size, it is really not difficult to completely cover the gorgeous Haneen in cum.  Plus, she looks absolutely amazing, all glazed up with alien porn spunk!

3.   Under The Bed

Under The Bed

Jewelz Blue planned a fun trip to visit her friend. However, as the night falls, she decided to make an overnight stop and continue her trip in the morning. What she did not know is that the hotel she decided to visit was not like others. It is home to tentacle hentai creatures. As soon as she entered the room, she had a bad feeling. But it was too late to get a new room, so she just decided to go back to bed.


As soon as Jewelz Blue fell asleep, the tentacles porn monster appeared. It was under her bed, and it slowly crept towards her with its hentai tentacles. This made Jewelz wake up with a weird feeling in her gut. She decided to look under her bed… and that is where things go south. The monster immediately grabbed her and dragged her under the bed. This beauty was held down by tentacles, spread wide open, perfect for fucking.


The hentai tentacles slowly undressed her and started fucking her tight pussy. Her ass looks amazing in this position! Another hentai tentacle began fucking her mouth as well. Jewelz Blue could not move, and as she was getting fucked, her eyes went white. Soon enough, the hentai monster flipped her around and fucked her in that position as well. Jewelz Blue is a gorgeous blue-haired babe with curves in all the right places. So expect to see a lot of jiggling.


This beauty got her snatch and mouth fucked harder and harder. Eventually, the alien porn monster releases all its seeds inside and on her body. By the end of this fuck fest, Jewelz Blue was fully covered with alien spunk, and she ended up loving every single second of it!

4.   Lulu’s Adventure

Lulu’s Adventure

Have you ever seen the gorgeous girl Lulu Chu in action? Well, she is an absolutely beautiful babe with curves in all the right places! She loves to get down and dirty, which makes her perfect for Hentaied adventures. In this tentacle porn video, you meet the gorgeous Lulu Chu ready to go to bed. But her bedtime routine was interrupted by horny hentai tentacles that attacked her out of nowhere.


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After grabbing her wrists and angles, the tentacle monster began thrusting its tentacles inside her orifices. Lulu could not struggle as the tentacle monster was too strong. It entered her tight little ass and mouth and continuously fucked her. By the end of that session, Lulu was completely cum drunk, as she got completely covered and filled with lots of alien cum.


However, that was not the end. The alien had a lot more on his mind. It followed her to her locker room, and surprised her a week later. Lulu was alone in the locker room when this monster appeared out of the locker and grabbed her. It stuffed her in the locker closet and played with all her naughty bits. Again, Lulu couldn’t resist at all.


You get to see this tiny babe Lulu get shagged by hentai tentacles in many different positions as she enjoys herself to the fullest. Of course, at the beginning, she was a bit skeptical, but as the tentacle monster filled her up over and over again, she wanted more and more. By the end of this session, Lulu was completely showered with loads of cum and got cum drunk yet again!

5.   Under The Bed – Time

Under The Bed - Time

Everyone falls in love with the gorgeous Alissa Foxy as soon as they see her. This beautiful woman is incredibly sexy, curvy, and she loves to be the center of attention. Her ahegao faces are addictive, and her curves will surely get you in a naughty mood. In this video, she was traveling and had to stay overnight at an odd hotel. The room she was in was incredibly dirty and odd, and it gave her goosebumps. However, it was too late to get another room, so she decided to try to sleep instead.


As she goes to bed, the alien porn monster will approach her. It will wrap its hentai tentacles around her body and pull her underneath the bed. That is where the tentacle monster will take off all her clothes! Although Alissa Foxy tried to struggle, the monster was too strong. It will fuck her snatch hard, and while she struggled at first, she really loved every second of it by the end of this session.


You get to see her spread her legs wide open for the hentai tentacles to shag her even harder. She will then take a hentai tentacle and start sucking it like a true naughty babe. She loved extracting all the alien spunk in her mouth. You could say that Alissa Foxy also got an incredible dunk on alien spunk. Of course, with all her hard work, the alien monster decided to reward her. In the end, you get to see her completely sprayed with tons of cum… needless to say, Alissa Foxy looks amazing in white!


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