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It’s no secret that we all have dirty fantasies in our minds, and sometimes, even though you’re a girl as hot as Kitana Lure, vanilla sex is simply not enough. And she’s perfect, her firm body, perfectly round breasts, and other alluring features are hard to resist, so you can imagine that she has no problems hooking up with any kind of a guy.


However, she wants something more, her hunger for kinky BDSM style pounding is unsated, and she’s eager to put an end to that hunger. Kitana, however, doesn’t have a clear plan in her mind, she just hopes that one day something will happen and she will get pleased the way she deserves to be.


The perversions coursing through her mind, the neurons firing in her brain send a strong signal, one that’s intercepted by no other than an intergalactic creature. It’s yearning for an equal, someone just like Kitana, a woman who takes the entirety of his tentacles, each and every one, and please his real life hentai bondage desires.


So it pays a visit, but quietly, while unsuspecting Kitana takes a nap in her bed. Slowly the tentacles creep into the room, slide inside the bed, under the blanket, and slowly approach the heavenly craving orifice of hers. One of the tentacles crawls around her neck and the other around her abdomen, just so she wouldn’t resist, knowing that it’s safe for her.


The other tentacles slide over her body, two of them approach her hardened nipples, while a single slides towards her plump lips. Kitana might be surprised by the happening, but she’s no less amazed and interested, could this be what she was craving for. Once she starts sucking, you’ll get your answer.


This sexy earthling loves having stiff rods in her mouth, she enjoys the feeling of beefy things slamming against her palette, while her soft tongue dances around it. The tentacle gets sucked and drooled all over, and she keeps gushing juice out of her pussy because of how tasty the tentacle is, she wants more.


Without hesitation, the alien’s couple of tentacles go towards her pussy, they slowly slide inside while Kitana keeps yearning for more. They drill her, bringing immeasurable pleasure, but even so, she seems open for more. It wouldn’t be real hentai bondage without some anal, and after all, such a girl deserves special treatment.


Her tight booty holes get approached by yet another couple of tentacles. It’s puckering, ready to accept every inch of them inside her for a quadruple penetration. Her sphincter gets spread by them, and the drilling commences. She is stuffed, every one of her holes is plugged by a tentacock, and the only thing she can muffle are sounds of pleasure.


It’s exactly what she wanted to experience, the feeling of helplessness as she’s bound, followed by the exciting prospect of quadruple penetration. Every second of it is enjoyable, and there’s no better way to end a real life hentai bondage than a facial creampie, you can bet that these tentacles will spread every last drop on her pretty face, in her mouth, and leave her pondering in the moment of bliss.

2 Comments on Creeping – Quadruple penetration

  1. naughty_daddy
    October 18, 2021 at 5:48 pm (1 year ago)

    My absolute favourite

  2. flavorexplosion
    September 22, 2022 at 5:29 am (2 months ago)

    Love this more like this one! Good job.