Lara Croft Vs The Giant Snake


Help us making a Lara Croft cosplay vore video!


The Vision: Lara Croft vs. The Giant Serpent

Imagine a world where the fearless explorer Lara Croft faces off against her most formidable foe yet—a colossal serpent, shrouded in the mysteries of the ancient world. This isn’t just another story; it’s a vivid journey that we’ve all dreamt of, brought to life with stunning realism and cinematic excellence. But to turn this dream into reality, we need your support.

Why Crowdfunding?

Despite our successes, the ambitious nature of our projects means that financial hurdles are ever-present. The unique idea of Lara Croft’s encounter with a giant snake, as requested by many of you, entails significant expenses—from crafting the perfect costume that captures Lara’s iconic spirit to engineering a lifelike snake, and employing cutting-edge CGI for that immersive experience. Your support will ensure that we can cover these costs without compromising on quality.

Here’s Where You Come In

By backing this project, you’re not just funding a movie; you’re igniting the flame of creativity and adventure. Here’s a breakdown of where the funds will go:

  • Costume Design and Creation: Ensuring our Lara Croft is outfitted with the precision, detail, and durability to withstand the trials of her journey.
  • The Serpent: From concept to creation, bringing the giant snake to life through a combination of practical effects and CGI, ensuring every scale, fang, and hiss feels real.
  • Cinematic Magic: High-quality filming, editing, and post-production CGI to weave everything into a seamless, gripping narrative.

Rewards Await!

To show our gratitude, we’ve crafted an array of rewards for our backers. From exclusive behind-the-scenes content to limited edition merchandise and even the chance to be part of the movie, there’s something for every adventurer out there.

Let’s Make It Happen!

Your support means the world to us and to the countless fans eager to see their dream become a reality. Let’s come together to bring this awe-inspiring vision of Lara Croft’s latest adventure to life. Every contribution, big or small, takes us one step closer to achieving the extraordinary.

Join us on this journey, and let’s create something truly unforgettable.

/ € 18000
12 contributors
25 contributors
20 days left


Choose one of the packages below and contribute to the proposal for rewards!

  • special packageWatch the scene before anyone else!
T-Shirt Pack
  • Everything from smaller packages, plus:
  • special packageYou will receive a t-shirt specifically of this scene!
Bronze Package
  • Everything from smaller packages, plus:
  • special packageYou will receive a picture from the backstage signed by the model
Silver package
  • Everything from smaller packages, plus:
  • special packageYou will receive all the BTS of the scene
  • special packageYou will get a bottle of our exclusive Gin
Gold Package
  • Everything from smaller packages, plus:
  • special packageYou will receive the underwear of the girl! This option is limited for obvious reasons.
  • special packageYou will get a lifetime subscription to our new site
Diamond Package
  • special packageYou will get a lifetime membership to Hentaied
  • special packageChoose the model for this video
  • special package



What is this crowdfunding?
How do I add a proposal?
We are primarily taking the highest voted and most interesting ideas from the Hentaied Forum. If you have a really good idea, you can also send the detailed proposal to [email protected]. In the future, you will be able to add your proposal right from the crowdfunding page!
Will I get my money back if the funding goal is not reached within the deadline?
Yes! All contributions will be refunded if the funding goal is not reached within the deadline.
When do I get my rewards?
Rewards will be distributed once the funding is locked. The distribution of our exclusive rewards such as the gin or the clothing also depends on when production is ready.
How long does it take to make the proposal?
This largely depends on the proposal: simpler ones may take 1-2 months, but more complex, longer scenes with CGI and lots of extras can take longer than that. Anyway, we will be sure to update you about the progress and estimated time of delivery.


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