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Cumflation 2


PUBLISHED: 2020-11-27

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This is the second episode of Cumflation

(the first one with amazing Lady Dee you can find here: Lady Dee Cumflation).

Before we start, let’s refresh a bit our memory. Cumflation – is the act of injecting incredible quantities of cum (usually greatly exceeding the volume of one’s own body) into a receptive sexual partner. As a result, their entire body to swell up like a balloon.

Today Mr. Alien visits beautiful Ginebra Bellucci and her hairy pussy. She awaits her guest in a beautiful lingerie and with a creamy aching vagina. So, the girl needs to be fucked urgently and intensively. But does she know what for surprise awaits her at the end? Let’s the show begin (spoiler: Huge black tentacles, Deep Vagina Fuck, Ton of Fake Cum, Explosion with Alien Sperm for a better performance are all in).

At the beginning, Ginebra gently plays with herself. She squeezes her sweet boobs, runs with her hands all around her stunning body and seduces you with her beautiful eyes. Few moments later, Mr.Alien arrives. Our friend never let a woman waits for long.

As can be seen, sweet mulatto is wet since a while. So, no foreplay is needed here. Mr. Alien penetrates Miss Bellucci straight with 2 huge black tentacles. As a real gentleman, our friend does it slowly and gently, to give a chance to our Lady to get used to his size. But after few moments’ tentacles start to move rough and intense. The shape of the Alien dick makes Ginebra feel crazy. Every of its movement brings our girl closer to her top of sexual pleasure, where she has never been before. Black huge tentacles bring ton of enjoyment and excitement, what you can easily read on her beautiful face. Of course, what can be better than being fucked by an Alien? Maybe to be fucked by 2 of them, but it’s already another story.

The atmosphere becomes hotter minute by minute. Ginebra has never been fucked so properly and well. In one moment, a bizarre sensation attacks our cute teen. Ginebra is shocked. However, the amount of pleasure she got in the last minutes, does not allowed her to think in a rational way. She feels how her entire body filling up with hot liquid. So, here we go! Her perfect belly became a huge balloon just in few seconds! As a result, our Beauty explodes with a ton of fresh warm cum directly from her mouth (don’t miss another beautiful explosion with Alien sperm from stunning Josephine Jackson right here: Josephine Jackson Got Tentacled)

Ginebra is frightened from what is going on. But somehow, it brings her a sensation which you cannot compare to anything. The highest level of enjoyment and ecstasy. The only thing what girl wants now is to cover her entire body with that tasty hot Alien sperm.

Video Including:

  • Beautiful Mulatto Teen in a beautiful lingerie

  • Hairy Creamy Pussy

  • Mr. Alien & his huge dick

  • Big black tentacles

  • Ton of sperm

  • Intense sex

  • Extreme explosion with fresh hot cum

  • Massive Cumflation


    After we introduced our new masterpiece lets learn a couple of new Fetishes.

    Crush Fetish – the sexual excitement of watching another person crush small objects.

    And one more for today – Wind Fetish – the sexual desire to feel the wind blowing. Here we go. Some people cum because of the wind. What for lucky ones!

    We love to explore new things, especially if it’s about kinky stuff and bizarre, extraordinary sex. What’s about you our friend?

    And by the end, a little bit about Cumflation itself. So, we do not forget the beauty and the idea of it.

    Cumflation is a term to describe the act of filling up another individual’s entire body with sperm, to the point where it bubbles up or in some cases even explodes.

    The injection of the sperm itself can either be through means of intercourse, oral or in a broad variety of bizarre ways.

    This practice is mainly seen in Japanese Hentai, as it is practically impossible to duplicate in real life. But nothing is impossible for Hentaied! Welcome to Heaven of Real-Life Hentai!

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