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Dangerous Mission

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Belly filled up with liters of cum, pussy and ass explodes with streams of hot fresh jizz, asshole destroyed from a double penetration of huge tentacles… That’s what every alien hunter can expect on their way to win this battle between alines and humans.
Cherry Kiss is a professional fighter or, as we like to call her these stunning ladies, an Alien Hunter. She’s on a mission fighting with the enemies of the Earth and we see her while she’s about to approach a cave. Cherry wants to explore the dark cave to look for maleficent entities that might hide in there and she will not be wrong, something is hiding in there…Silence breaks in liquid drops falling from the sealing and vision gets lost in the black. Cherry starts to get stacked on the floor because the slime it’s keeping her feet attached to the ground. She tries to free herself but also her hands get stuck. The girl it’s unable to move and terror it`s filling the cave. The monster it’s approaching her and launching onto her another big load of the sticky liquid. The liquid hits our brave alien hunter so bad, that she falls on the ground. She sees in front of her a big massive monster and she’s very scared…and oh god how right she is, because this alien bastard is going to destroy every single hole of her.