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PUBLISHED: 2021-03-07

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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, we are very excited to introduce you our new incredibly hot Russian Beauty Kaisa Nord. And today is a very special day for our sweetheart. So, Russian Lady is going to meet our friend Mr. Alien for the first time. Well, if you are already with us for a while you know that the first meeting is always the most bizarre and insane one in case of sensations and the amount of sexual pleasure, what girl could not even imagine before (just take a look on the first date of Eve Sweet and Mr. Alien right here: Eve gets tentacles ). Both of them are extremely excited and wait for the date to begin. Let’s see how the show will go on.

So, Kaisa is all alone in the room yet. She wears tiny bodysuit on her perfect body: her soft tender skin is fully covered in oil, so you can see every beautiful curve of her body even better; her big amazing juicy booty asks to be hardly squeezed. But once you look deep inside of them you can see how much desire and lust this beauty keeps inside of her. Kaisa is absolutely ready to be fucked as never before and she does not want to wait. So, the girl calls for Mr. Alien saying that no men from the Planet Earth can give her so much pleasure as Mr. Alien does. So, as a real gentlemen Mr. Alien does not let the lady wait any longer and arrives in a moment. Once Kaisa sees his Big Black Amazing Eyes and Huge Hard Tentacle, she goes completely wet and extremely horny. So, with the power of mind Mr. Alien teleports Kaisa to the middle of the room and direct all of his tentacles straight to her creamy warm pussy. In few seconds 3 biggest of them already penetrates aching hole of a girl. As much as our Russian princess was ready for this date, she still did not expect that the amount of sexual pleasure will be that huge. Kaisa starts to lose control and goes directly in Full Ahegao mode from first minutes. While first 3 tentacles continue roughly penetrate tight vagina, one more tentacle comes from above to discover the mouth and throat of Kaisa. And that was a perfect idea of Mr. Alien. Kaisa’s throat is so fucking deep that even The Mariana Trench couldn’t compete with it. So, just perfect place for the huge black Tentacle.

Kaisa grabs the tentacle with her hand (reflex, you know) and starts to push it deep in her throat, so that even her eyes get crossed and her body wriggles. Mr. Alien cannot resist for long and starts to explode with enormous amount of hot sperm from all his tentacles at once. So, the beautiful face is totally covered in warm creamy liquid what just went out from the bottom of Kaisa’s throat.

However, it is not the end of the story. Finally, the biggest tentacle arrives. It goes deep inside already exhausted pussy to fill the perfect body of Kaisa with few more liters of Spooge. So, let’s just enjoy the great Cumflation session, when the belly of our girl swelling up as a huge balloon and close to explode as an Atomic Bomb (take a look how tiny Hannen was filled up with Alien’s Cum after being fucked from Cunt to Mouth: From Cunt Till Mouth ). Luckily, Mr. Alien knows well when to take out his tentacles, so that the girl still has a chance to take a breath.

Well, and here we are: Mr. Alien was great as usual and Kaisa is full of warm Cum what is leaking without stopping from all her holes. What a perfect first date.

Video Including:

  • Hot beautiful Russian Princess – Kaisa Nord
  • Mr. Alien and his Huge Hard Black Tentacles
  • First date
  • Love from the first sight
  • The deepest throat
  • Deep Vagina Fuck
  • Extreme Cumflation
  • Intense Cum explosion
  • Tons of fresh hot Cum
  • Full Ahegao Mode
  • Perfect body with juicy ass and perfect boobs totally covered in Alien’s sperm Facts:Today we are going to talk about one of the best things (at least for a man) in this World Deep Throating. A great blow job is up there on the list of favorite acts to receive. Just think about the submissive quality of the act from the partner. It likely helps arouse you, too. And the one element that often makes a typical, traditional blow job more extraordinary? When your partner takes your dick as deep as it possible (or even deeper). However as usually, let’s start from the ever beginning. So, how the Deep throating works (who knows, maybe somebody still has no idea about such a wonderful thing)? Well, the way it works is that during a blow job, the blower puts as much of the dick as they can in their mouth (better the whole thing of course, but yeah). So, cock gets pushed deep into the throat. Yeah, man, we know you already have the image in your head. Deep-throating hit the porn industry in the 70s when one Porn Actress first performed the act in the infamous movie. This movie is an absolutely hilarious male fantasy. The main female character can’t orgasm, so she goes to a doctor, and he discovers that her clitoris is actually located inside her throat. Well, not a bad idea, huh? And how convenient! So, the only way this Lady can get off is by giving dudes oral sex. What a life. And here we are for today. Stay with us ad in the next episodes we will share some great advices how to convince your partner to take your friend deep and how to make it easier. Cheers!


3 Comments on Deep Cumflation

  1. vandijk700
    March 7, 2021 at 5:03 pm (1 month ago)

    thank you for the update, love looking at her legs from the topside view, her face with her raised spread legs in the background. still would love to see a recreation of the scene from the movie Untamed……that would be perfect..brgds

    Rating: 5.00/5. From 1 vote.
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  2. mrvice92
    March 8, 2021 at 8:44 am (1 month ago)

    Would be 100× times better if the tentacles enter the pussy all the way through her mouth and cums out eggs with the one piece high cut swimsuit on 😁🥚👍

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  3. addict101
    April 1, 2021 at 2:18 am (3 weeks ago)

    I loove the fact on the side haha

    And I’m really really awaiting the continuation of these facts. But why are they not on the next episode?

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