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DP Fuck Machine Squirts Everywhere


PUBLISHED: 2020-05-15

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  • Veronica Leal as a Beautiful Belly Dancer
  • Red eyes and White Hair
  • Fuck Machine
  • Deep Vagina and Rough Anal
  • Double Penetration
  • Vibrator
  • Best Oriental Ahegao
  • Insane Squirting
  • Extreme Orgasm


Incredible Veronica Leal greetings us as a Magical Belly dancer and gives us an unforgettable squirting show (spoiler: double penetration, deep vagina, rough anal, crazy Ahegao, and a lot of cum all in). The Fuck Machine is her assistant for today. (find Veronica as a sex robot right here: SIRI). First, amazing Oriental woman will dance for you. With each movement, her body seduces you more. She dances as there is no tomorrow. Meanwhile, the lust in her red huge eyes only grows brighter. Veronica knows how she will be rewarded after the dance.


Moving her hips more intensely she shows her wet pussy. After such a performance, the beautiful dancer is always incredibly horny. She needs sex relief. At this time all her holes are burning with desire and lust. At such moments, the sex machine comes to her rescue. Our Oriental Beauty is ready to get fucked vaginal and anal at the same time. Since the beginning her aching creamy pussy wants to make wet everything around.


After few minutes of hardcore double penetration and a few incredible Ahegaos Veronica going insane and start to squirt extremely. But The Fuck Machine does not get tired. It strikes again and again! (check how Sex Machine helps Sasha Rose to get baptized here: Sasha Rose )



Let’s talk a little bit about sex fantasies.

Being pleasured by two men (or more) at the same time, is the third most popular sexual fantasy for women. This stimulating fantasy can be appreciated in several different ways. The scenario is where the woman is the center of attention and affection of 2 extremely handsome men.


The fantasy may even take the direction of the men fighting over her, with the winner taking possession of the woman (in the ways she would most enjoy). Or we believe 90% at least once in their life was thinking about double penetration (Double penetration – a sexual act in which a woman’s vagina and anus are penetrated at the same time).


But anyhow we should remember that thinking about something is different than doing it! Far away not every woman is ready to have sex with 2 men at the same time. But then how can we make the fantasies real? Luckily human being are very creative creatures. And in this case we can use help from a Sex Machine.


What is a Fuck Machine?

Commonly known as sex machines, fuck machines, or fucking machines, these are just as they sound: an automated machine affixed with dildos to do the work for you. While many have been constructing their own sex machines for years (if not decades), the industry has seen quite the rise in manufactured machines in more recent years. Nowadays, you can find large, standing machines capable of different positions or more simple ones that you can even take on the road for extended trips.

1 Comment on DP Fuck Machine Squirts Everywhere

  1. flippyy2
    April 1, 2021 at 1:44 am (3 weeks ago)

    Extremely good scene, but way too short and not enough shots of her feet which where abs amazing here.

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