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It’s Electric

duration icon 14:51
director icon Directed by
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Lia Lin has apparently rejected the wrong guy, she called him a monster even, and he's about to get back at her. A real monster gets summoned straight into Lia's room, spreading its tentacles and electrocuting her body until she's unable to resist.


Suddenly, the monster opens its mouth and drags Lia inside it, swallowing her whole, intact. Inside, Lia is helplessly laying down on ... Read More


6 Comments on It’s Electric

  1. Mauser
    December 15, 2023 at 11:28 pm (2 months ago)

    Well done that was super hot

  2. psychic715
    December 16, 2023 at 1:19 am (2 months ago)

    I really enjoyed this one. I loved all the positions she got penetrated in and the new special effects. I loved that we could hear what she was thinking, especially the forced orgasms. I wish she would’ve had more of a physical reaction when she was orgasming so that we could tell she was cumming just by her body language(spasming, twitching, convulsions, etc.) This site is improving; I’m definitely renewing my subscription.

  3. kosifure
    December 16, 2023 at 5:42 pm (2 months ago)

    I want to see Emiri Momota in the Electric Series

  4. fatboy84
    December 19, 2023 at 5:01 pm (2 months ago)

    I really enjoyed the inner monologue on this one.

  5. therox0923
    December 24, 2023 at 8:46 am (2 months ago)

    i resubscribed so i could say to PLEASE DO MORE of what shes thinking while getting fucked. its super hot in hentai and its what this site has been missing. do it more and more. hell even make it a tag on the videos so i can know which ones have it going forward

  6. therox0923
    December 24, 2023 at 8:51 am (2 months ago)

    if you made a Rae Lil Black with inner monologue i think id die of dehydration from busting so much