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PUBLISHED: 2020-10-26

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we want to introduce our special way of Sexual Baptising. Our process is unique and include very special gear to provide full and complete immersion.

Our beautiful Real Life Doll Sasha Rose (don’t miss how Sasha plays with her favorite toys huge black Tentacles right here: Sasha’s Tentacle Experience ) gladly agreed to be the first one who tries the procedure. So, the two most important things we use are: Fuck Machine and Ton of Fresh Cum. Spoiler: Extremely Beautiful Ahegao and Intense Bukkake treatment are included to be closer to God.

Let’s begin.

To be sure everything works perfectly well, Sasha is totally naked from the ever beginning of the Baptising session. As we use to say “In state of Nature”. So, every part of her perfect body is ready to become holy. To relax a bit and to focus the attention of Saint Spirits on her, Sasha starts to run with her hands all over her body. Every soft and gentle touch makes her eyes shine brighter. Our sexy brunette squeezes her boobs, sucks her finger and waits for the Holy Fuck Machine to starts the ritual (check out how Evil Fuck machine works here: Bukkake in Hell  ). And in few minutes, it begins.

A messenger sent from the heavens in a face of our Sex Machine directly penetrates Sasha’s creamy wet pussy. It moves intensively and fast, so Sasha starts to lose her mind and gives her body and soul in the hands of Holy Sexual Power. As the result, less than few minutes after our stunning lady arrives on the top of pleasure. Her eyes are crossed and her chicks as ripe apples get some slightly red color.

Fuck Machines turns on the most intense mode to finish the process. So, Sasha gets a perfect Creampie with fresh hot cum. Sweet creamy pussy of our sexy lady is fully covered with white sticky liquid. With Sasha’s Extreme Ahegao face we can understand that the first stage is done perfectly. Now is time for the second part: Extreme Bukkake Enlightenment. An enormous amount of Spooge spreads all over beautiful Sasha’s body. When every inch is covered with Holy sticky fluid the process is completed.

Video Including:

  • Real Life Doll Sasha Rose
  • Unique Baptising Ritual
  • Sweet Ahegao Face
  • Perfect body
  • Holy Fuck Machine
  • Extreme Bukkake
  • Ton of Fresh Hot Cum
  • Saint Sexual Power
  • EnlightenmentFacts:

We are coming back to the topic of Sex Machine.

So, once again. What actually is it?

Fuck Machine is kind of a robot sex doll, but it’s not that aggressive as it sounds. Sex machines are mechanical devices designed to deliver some of the physical sensations of partnered sex usually, penetrative partnered sex. There is no gender or genital requirement for sex machines.

While a classic vibrator or a dildo can get the job done, anyways if you’re looking for an experience that’s more similar to sex with a living, breathing human, then a Sex Machine will be the best opportunity for you.

Sex machines offer the user an incredible amount of control over depth, angle, speed, and intensity that can make finding that hot-spot easier. In fact, many people credit Sex machines for their first-ever orgasm.

By the way Fuck machines are not just for singles. For example, your partner can watch while you ride. Or, because most sex machines can fit more than one partner at a time, they can ride with you. Also, Sex machines are a great way to re-create the sensation of an orgy with your partner, as not all the people are ready to invite another people to their bed.

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