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Ahegao masturbation session Vol 1: Lika Star

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I’m sure you’re fond of anime girls and have seen a lot of cosplays, especially when they’re originally appearing in tight frilly skirts. Today, our sexy blonde Lika Star takes the role of Sailor Moon, but in a somewhat different scenario. She’s not out fighting for good, but doing some good for herself.


Thanks to the miraculous world of sex toys, she doesn’t need a man to pleasure her but instead does it herself. She lifts her legs up, spreads them, and gently rubs the clit. Almost instantly her body starts trembling, it’s been so long since she’s felt ... Read More

1 Comment on Ahegao masturbation session Vol 1: Lika Star

  1. PokemonTradeCollectiveGuild
    December 7, 2021 at 11:22 pm (1 year ago)

    New member – great video! found you re ahegao and this was excellent. the close up on her pussy while she uses the vibrator and sucks on it! The vibrator could be cool in slow motion too – Amazing, more of that please!