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Mr Alien always knocks twice


PUBLISHED: 2021-01-02

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Once you tried something really good you don’t want to go for less.

It always happens with our beautiful girls. Once they got a chance to meet our old friend from other side of the Universe and his huge Alien dick, after they do not want to be fucked by anyone (or anything) else.

Today we arrange a romantic date for our Stunning Ukrainian Beauty Josephine Jackson with Mr. Alien and his black tentacles.

Josephine knows that Mr. Alien watching her from his Spaceship and waiting for the right moment to arrive. Beautiful Lady awaits on the couch in her living room. A robe made out of Japanese silk hugs her incredible body. Josephine begins the evening with a little foreplay. Firstly, she seduces Mr. Alien with her naïve huge blue eyes; bites her sweet lips and slowly gets naked. As can be seen, Josephine is not in a rush. With her hands she runs gently all around her huge boobs (just imagine to put your face between them, mmm…). Then slowly she makes her creamy wet pussy visible for the audience. After it all, she is very horny and doesn’t have so much passionate anymore. She is excited, she wants to be fucked, she wants to feel these huge black tentacles deep inside her. However, she continues. So, she starts to play with her pussy to make it wetter and creamy for the “Man” of her dreams. And here he is…

Nine huge tentacles crow slowly to Josephine. They move all around her body, her boobs and makes her nipples so hard. All this turns our beauty feels even more exciting. You can see it’s clearly on her face: this true sweet childish happiness. Finally, she will get what she was waiting for since so long. Mr. Alien knows how much the lady was waiting. So, he penetrates her aching pussy straight with 3 biggest tentacles and other 2 go directly in her mouth. After few moments, Josephine is ready to conquer the highest top of the Sexual pleasure in the closest Galaxies. Her rolling crossed eyes, protruding tongue and slightly reddened face show that enjoyment and ecstasy are over all limits. But our friend won’t stop here. He prepares something special for the Ukrainian girl. And here we go: with the biggest tentacle Mr. Alien breaks through the tight defense of Josephine’s Asshole and blast the way out through her mouth! (take a look how Mr. Alien uses the same tactic “All The Way Through” with our amazing Canela Skin here: All the way Through ) Meanwhile, Josephine cannot even make a move: she is absolutely shocked under such an incredible amount of pleasure.

At the end, exhausted happy girl gets two last surprises from her ever-best lover: Freshly Cooked Creampie and an Extreme Hot Bukkake to cover her entire body with Alien sperm.

Video Including:

  • Perfect Alien Date with happy ending
  • Ukranian Beauty Josephine Jackson
  • Japanese Style
  • Mr. Alien and his Big Dick
  • Huge Black Tentacles
  • Massive Boobs
  • Intense Bukkake instead of wine
  • Fresh Hot Creampie instead of flowers
  • Ahegao mode on Maximum
  • ALL THE WAY THROUGH penetration
  • Extreme Cum explosion from all the holesFacts: Today we have a lesson about History of Hentai. And the main topic is: Why Tentacles are so prevalent? Actually, the answer is very simple. And it is Japanese Censorship laws. So, distributing “obscene materials” is against the law in Japan. But what makes something to be obscene? Well, according to Article number 175 of the Criminal Code of Japan, pretty much EVERYTHING. Did you ever ask yourself why most of the anime guys don’t have nipples? Censorship. Wondered why there is no hair on the body of most anime characters? Censorship. And what about dick and pussy then!? Are you kidding? No way here! Protect the public’s eyes!

    Toshio Maeda, self-proclaimed “tentacle master,” has been named the most influential erotic manga artist of our time. He is one of the first who started to use tentacles in his art. He said in an interview that he used tentacles to circumvent the Japanese censorship laws which prohibit the depiction of male genitalia.

    What exactly Mr. Maeda said:

    Why tentacles? For some reason there were some issues about censorship about the sex scenes. When I was drawing sex scenes, editors always asked me not to be so extreme. Of course, we couldn’t depict genitals, and if you can’t see their genitals, it’s not so good. And why they are so fussy about that was because they were the ones who would get arrested. We are not, always we have the freedom to express ourselves. So actually, we mangaka didn’t give a sh*t about that, but the editors, they really cared about that, so they always said, “Please, not extreme.” But when we toned ourselves down, they said, “Come on, you should do more.” So that’s why I did the tentacle thing. Because tentacles are not genitals. They are parts of the body, and some creatures have more than one. Because they are not genitals, they are like hands and legs or like just body parts, so it’s ok to go there. And attacking ladies with tentacles is not just part of a sex scene, you can see that. It’s just outdoor things. So, it was kind of a flimsy excuse for drawing that.”

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