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PUBLISHED: 2020-09-26

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Alien Oviposition is still unclear for scientists from all over the World.

However, we got a chance to see this process in Real Life. Of course, with the help of our old friend Mr. Alien. He specially came to our Planet and chose one of our incredible anime girls to deposit his seed (take a look at our stunning Canela Skin who also was chosen to be impregnated by Aliens here: Oviposition 2 ).

Let’s see how many eggs we are going to have at the end of the intercultural sex party! (spoiler: a ton of fake cum, huge alien sexual organ (further as Alien Dick), sweet creampie, ahegao and extreme bukkake are the necessary parts of the process of impregnation by aliens).

First question; how Mr. Alien choose the perfect vessel for its seed?

So, he selects the right woman from her eyes. Take a look in the eyes of our beautiful tiny hentai girl. What do you see

there? It’s something bizarre, sexy and exotic deep inside of them. So, exactly this is what aliens seek for.

Let’s talk about the most important things for the process of Alien’s eggs deposition to be completed.
First of all, everything should be done with a lot of sexual desire, enjoyment and pleasure.
Secondly, the complete submission and obedience from the human female is a must. So, it means that our cute girl is super excited to have alien eggs implanted deep in her uterus.

Here we go! Huge Alien dick push through alien urethra the male eggs, which get fecund by the receptors of human uterus. The fecundation time seems to be pretty fast. Somehow, it also leads to the human female extreme multi orgasm. It means, that women will never have the same amount of pleasure from sex with any Earth creatures.

By the way, we pay attention for every detail. So, you have a chance to take a look how perfectly eggs are placed inside of the vagina our future alien mom with the Inside Pussy Camera shot (enjoy another Inside Pussy Camera Shot with incredible Talia Mint here: Real Life Hentai )

After eggs are deposited and the process is completed starts another show. So, when the eggs are already inside of the woman, the alien bulbourethral is on fire. It gets extremely inflamed and uncontrolled. The result of it is a hardcore ejection of all Alien’s spooge. Easier to say: our new– alien-mom gets Creampied and Bukkaked as hard and intense as you could not even imagine in your dreams (take a look at our amazing Lottie Magne who recently became New Alien Mom as well here: An Alien Inside)

Video Including:

            • Oviposition

  • Eggs depositing
  • Mr. Alien
  • Anime girl
  • Extreme Bukkake
  • Full creampie
  • Perfect Cumshot
  • A ton of cum
  • Full Ahegao mode
  • New Alien Mom Facts: We are going to start from the ever beginning. What is oviposition? Oviposition means expulsion of the egg from the oviduct to the external environment and it is a common phenomenon for many animals, just not humans. Let’s take a look a bit deeper. So yes, a human being cannot be an ovipositor (- is a tube like organ used for the laying of eggs). However human body is the perfect place for depositing eggs inside of it. Here comes a question: who can insert eggs inside an individual? We guess you know the right answer our friends from another planets and galaxies Aliens. Nowadays, alien reproduction system is still under a big question mark for scientists from our Planet. What we know so far is that Aliens love to deposit their eggs inside of the human receptors. And one of the most important reasons for it is that the process of egg fecundation is very fast. So, it takes few minutes for Male Alien to insert eggs, which become immediately fecunded by the receptor human uterus. Unfortunately, the reason why it happens this way is still unclear.

    And here we come with the great example if you want to see some practice, not just in theory. Let’s turn to one of our favorite movies “Alien” directed by genius Riddley Scott and written by no less brilliant Dan O’Bannon. Short introduction to the idea of the film: In deep space, the crew of the starship is awakened from their cryo-sleep capsules halfway through their journey home to investigate a distress call from an alien vessel. The terror begins when the crew encounters a nest of eggs inside the alien ship. An organism from inside an egg leaps out and attaches itself to one of the crew.

    Of course, in 1979 the process of impregnation by alien species was of exploration. Anyhow, you can see the main idea of it. How quickly and easy it happens.

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