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PUBLISHED: 2020-11-23

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We believe, all of us once in life wanted to fuck his work colleague. Imagine, new young girl has her first day at the office. The first question in your head: “what is this incredible woman doing at this kind of job? This beauty could have anything she wants from any men on this planet!” Anyways, she is still quite and not that confident. But once you look in her beautiful eyes, you can see what truly lies behind this cute smile and shyness. You cannot hide this amount of lust. And this moment come hundreds of other questions: “what does she do during lonely nights? What is the kind of men, she sleeps with?” And the only thing at this moment you beg for, that she does not start to talk with you. Because the only sentence you would say is: I WANNA FUCK YOU FACE.

Our stunning Alya Stark works as a Nurse. She works days and nights. Of course, everyone wants that this sexy young girl in white tiny dress takes care of him. By the end of the day Alya is exhausted: from work, from all these horny men around her. She runs to her nurse studio to relax, to have a relief. But how does she do it? That after few hours she is again full of power and has this incredible smile on her face? So, we put few cameras in her nurse studio…

Let’s see what is going on there…

At the beginning, Alya starts playing with her sweet tight pussy, running with the hands all around her beautiful body, around her perfect boobs. She is soft and gentle with herself. After few minutes, our sweet nurse is horny enough. So, she starts to masturbate more intensive. But wait a second… What are those black huge things crawling to her incredibly long legs?

Mr. Alien with his tentacles comes to visit Alya.

To reward her for the job she has done, to give her a sex relief, to bring her massive amount of pleasure and enjoyment. So, our alien friend slowly pushes
apart girl’s legs, blocks her arms and comes all around her neck. He penetrates her creamy hole directly with two huge tentacles. At this moment, Alya is scared, but the feeling of joy and ecstasy is much stronger. She let it go. She does not fight back; she is ready to enjoy. After a while, Mr. Alien starts to move aggressively and roughly, this beautiful nurse makes him crazy. He wants to cum in all her hot holes. And so, it happens in few minutes. Alya explodes with fresh hot cum from her mouth. Her pussy got fully Cremapied. However, this is not the end. All huge tentacled start to cum all around Alya’s perfect body with a ton of alien sperm. So, our young girl has a chance to enjoy Bukkake in Alien’s style.

By the end, Alya is full of power and ready to come back to work again. Thanks to Mr. Alien, his huge black tentacles and magical Alien Cum.

Video Including:

  • Young stunning Nurse by Alya Stark

  • Soft and Gentle Masturbation

  • Mr. Alien and his Big Dick

  • Huge Black Tentacles

  • Perfect Creampie

  • Excellent Cumshot

  • Extreme Bukkake

  • A Ton of Fresh Cum


    Facts: Here we start with one simple general question.
    Is it okay to have sex with a coworker?

    Well, the answer is – YES, IT IS. Because both of you are adults (hopefully) and both are capable of making your own judgement calls and agree to have sex if you want to. There’s nothing morally wrong with this.

    However, let’s also remember one simple rule “Never sh*t, where you eat”. What do we mean by that?

Gossips. Yeah, unfortunately people are like this. You do not have just hot, sexy colleagues. So, very probably you have at least one frustrated lady, who wasn’t fucked properly since decades and everything what she can do is to “stick her nose in someone else’s rose”. Are you ready for unfear judgments follows you throughout your career? Yes? Let’s go further.

Disharmony at your workplace. People are very jealous creatures. Always remember it. They would probably do the same, if they got a chance. But the fact that you made their “dirty dream” real, would make them feel petty about themselves.

RULES OF YOUR ORGANISATION, MAN! Before put your juicy stick in some hot holes, read the policy of your company. It can be strictly prohibited to date, to fuck (or whatever else) your coworkers.

After all it we finally come with the main question and just 2 possible answers.

So, would you ever sleep with your coworker?

Hell yeah, if it’s a hot and nice one! For God’s sake, NO!

Hit the first answer? We are proud of you; we choose the same! Further on we want to give you few simple tips after you already made up with your hot colleague. How to handle it well and how to make the most of it.

Be sure what you are sign up for (NO expectations! Just FUN!)
Separate it from work! Do not treat a coworker with whom you hooked up (or keep hooking up) differently!
Keep it as low-key as possible. After all, your professional reputation is more important. Do not provide ground for gossips.
Be an adult and do not ghost after all! Be decent and do not hurt others. Communication is the key.
Remember: it is an expiration date stamped on it. Sure, it can be just for one night, but also can stretch through years. However, once you will fell in love or whatsoever, do not forget to tell your colleague what is going on!

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  1. redface111
    March 31, 2021 at 2:36 am (3 weeks ago)

    One of my favorite videos ever, and the whole reason I spent the 120 pounds to join. Worth every penny to support some more like this! Alya is probably my favorite fantasy girl.

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