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The magical carpet



PUBLISHED: 2021-03-02

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Before we begin this wonderful fairy tale, we are going to ask you a question: do you believe in magic? Sex Magic of course. Well, whatever your answer is, today we are going to show you something really magical and unique. So, after it, we are sure, you would love to believe that this kind of magic really exists.

Easter is coming. So, one incredibly beautiful and sexy Bunny comes to visit us. Yeah, stunning Canela Skin (by the way do not miss a chance to see how Canela got Fucked all the way through from Ass to Mouth by Huge Black Tentacles right here: All the way Through ) turned into the Sweetest and Hottest Bunny you could ever imagine. But she is not alone. Our Columbian beauty has something with her: a fluffy pinky soft carpet. And as Canela says, it’s not a simple Carpet, but Magical one. So, let’s see what kind of Magic Canela brought to us.

Well, our sweet Bunny spends all the time with her carpet. She rolls and crawls all around it. Canela enjoys every soft and gentle touch of it. She even talks with it, like it’s a real person. So, to say it looks a tiny bit weird is to say nothing. But whatever brings joy and pleasure to this stunning sexy Bunny lady we are happy with it. All the evening Canela played with her new best friend. So, by the end of the day, she even decided to sleep on it…

A couple of minutes later, The Magical Carpet rolls all over Canela. So, the Easter Sexy Beauty does not have a chance to run away. Canela can just make tiny sexy moves with her huge perfect ass. Probably those moves make Mr. Carper extremely horny and excited, that his Huge Blue Dick appears from nowhere. And in few seconds, it is already touching wet and hot Canela’s pussy. All this turned our Columbian Hottie extremely much. So, in a minute the huge Blue Dildo already penetrates creamy tight hole. So, it brings immediately the Perfect Ahegao Expression on Canela’s face: crossed huge eyes full of sexual desire, sweet tongue out of her mouth and these cute pinky cheeks (wanna get more of Ahegao mood? Check our stunning beauties Amirah and Alya ride huge dildos, explodes with a ton of Cum with insane Ahegao faces right here: A full fresh Ahegao Explosion). Absolutely stunning! Even to see this is already a kind of magic!

By the end, huge blue dildo explodes with a lot of fresh Cum directly inside of the Canela’s creamy pussy. So, we can enjoy the view of freshly homemade Creampie full of sticky warm Spooge. Pure Magic!

Video Including:

  • Easter Bunny baby Canela Skin
  • Pink Fluffy Magical Carpet
  • Real Magic
  • Huge Blue Dildo
  • Full Ahegao Mode
  • Fresh made Creampie
  • Tight sweet Pussy full of hot Cum
  • A lot of Feet shots


5 Comments on The magical carpet

  1. hentaied298
    March 3, 2021 at 2:56 am (2 months ago)

    More tentacle videos ! What the consumer wants !
    If there’s a like button hit it, if not comment if you agree

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    • admin
      March 4, 2021 at 5:34 pm (2 months ago)

      We do produce a lot of Tentacle porn, but is not the only content we produce.

      Next one is gonna be tentacles!

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      • vandijk700
        March 5, 2021 at 7:36 pm (2 months ago)

        Understand, but videos with ”mainstream” themes , dildo’s , lesbian scenes are plentiful online…your special scenes like Alien Inside, Mouth to Cunt what makes you stand makes you special, love to see a scene like in Untamed ,or in recreate that would be fascinating..continue the good work..regards

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        • lostarion
          March 19, 2021 at 3:13 pm (1 month ago)

          Hello! Indeed, yes, tentacles are a hot signature of Hentaied. They look “real” and not like silicone dildos. They became a dominant tool to transport the Hentaied style. In my eyes, it is to take the audience to an unreal, fantastic place of erotic pleasure. Usually, the journey starts at a daily-live scene (like in Creeping – Quadruple penetration) or after a longer introduction (like in Mr. Alien in action) followed by a hot, fantastic story (just great!). So, tentacle is an excellent tool to tell the story. However, like in all cinematographic art the story comes first. I would not like to miss Elf Reproduction or Siri loses water everywhere, because Hentaied becomes a tentacle only site…

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          • lostarion
            March 19, 2021 at 3:36 pm (1 month ago)

            …taking this into account, also for me the magical carpet is not under my favourites (still a solid three-star clip). It has some gems in it. I would have created the story a bit differently like this: Canela opens the door and gets a new carpet delivered. She sits on the couch and grabs her feed in the carpet. It reacts and emits a strange vapour in the air. Canela gets dizzy and falls on the carpet. Now we see the carpet flying in the sky (green screen effect). Canela transforms into the sexy bunny (bunny ears, a little bit make-up/body paint, and a bunny tail plug). The carpet reaches its destination. Something exotic, like an oriental palace (CG)? Now the action starts: The carpet may have dildos on its corners, or it forms a buckle to hide a sybian or a fucking-machine…? It ends with a lot of bukkake and an ahegao-face (…) What do you think? Take care and have a fun day here.

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