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PUBLISHED: 2021-01-22

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Today, my dear friend, we come back to one of our most sexy, magical and wonderful creatures Elf. In the last episode incredible Alya Stark (check how Alya has fun with a red big dildo right here: Ahegao Masturbation ) presented us a story about how beautiful Forest Elves reproduce (how Alya losing milk, fucking huge blue dildo and presenting Baby Elf to this World you find right here: Elf reproduction ). However, a lot of time past and our nice Forest Elf became a Dark Elf (no wonder after so much masturbation and dildo’s riding).

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, let us introduce you our new creation A Drow Elf. As we are old friends with Alya, she warmly welcomed us to visit her. After Alya lost her control with masturbation, she forgot about her Forest Elf’s duties and got banished from the elven lands and society. From now on, she tends to praise Loth and to live underground. Guess who loves to spend its vacation right there? Of course, one of our best friends Mr.Alien with his Tentacles. Let’s see a beautiful story about first love between an Alien and an Elf (spoiler: deep double vagina penetration, Elf’s Ahegao, ton of fresh Alien Sperm, Facial Cumshot and Sweet Creampie for the best presentation of the Love story).

Well, we catch Alya in her living room on the couch. She looks absolutely stunning as always. Just her skin turned a but purplish, but it makes her even more magical and desirable. Her eyes are totally full of lust and desire. Our fairy creature makes your cock jumps up to the sky with only one single look.

After few moments, by coincidence, Mr. Alien also comes to visit Alya. Both of them waited for this meeting so badly. So, we do few steps back and observe this unique moment from the side.

Two tentacles slowly come to Alya’s beautiful feet. From one single touch our Elf becomes extremely horny and starts to lose fresh warm milk from her perfect boobs. The first two tentacles crawl all the way up to Alya’s creamy wet pussy. And another two come from above all around beautiful long neck of the Elf. So, the Dark creature is absolutely excited, her dress is totally wet because of the extreme amount of milk she spreads all around. Every single touch of sticky huge black things makes her forget about everything. Finally, two tentacles go directly in aching Alya’s vagina. She will never forget this moment. The best ever penetration in her life. You can clearly see it with her incredible Ahegao expression. None of her favorite dildos cannot be comparable to it.

At this moment one of the tentacles continues to move roughly in and out pussy of the magical girl. And another one discovers her mouth. How deep the throat of an Elf is? So, let’s see. Alya sucks her black friend properly and carefully, to be sure that Mr. Alien knows how much she enjoys his visit. After such a performance, our Alien friend goes totally crazy because of the sexual pleasure. So, he came back to Alya’a pussy with two tentacles and in few moments, he explodes with unbelievable amount of fresh hot cum inside our beautiful tiny lady. The Dark Elf does not want that even a drop of sticky Alien fluid is wasted. So, she puts her ass up and spreads

all the cum directly on her face and in her mouth. Mmm, the best thing she ever had a chance to taste.

After all, our wonderful Dark Elf is totally exhausted on the couch, but still loses Alien Cum from all her holes.

Video Including:

  • Dark Elf by magical Alya Stark
  • Purple Skin and White Hair
  • Milky Boobs and Ton of fresh warm milk all around
  • Mr. Alien and his huge black tentacles
  • Double penetration of a tight creamy pussy
  • Full Ahegao mode
  • Perfect Facial Cumshot
  • Sweet Creampie
  • Top of a Sexual Pleasure
  • International Love
    7 Popular Myths About Elf Sex
  1. Elves don’t have sex at all
  2. They only have sex when they want to make babies
  3. Elven parents can influence whether or not they have a baby
  4. They die when they’re raped
  5. They can’t have premarital sex (because sex automatically makes them married)
  6. Elves don’t have (or want) extramarital sex
  7. All of Elves are straight

Well, here we are my friend. Stay with us and in the next Elf episodes we are going explain every myth one by one.

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