5 Cutest Pornstars With The Best Ahegao Faces

5 Cutest Pornstars With The Best Ahegao Faces

November 13, 2023

Have you ever heard of the term ‘ahegao face?’ Well, even if you might not have, you’ve definitely seen it! Girls make this face when they are absolutely drunk with pleasure! Coincidentally, they make this expression a lot on Hentaied, so much so that we decided to dedicate a special category just for all ahegao lovers.


Ready to explore the naughtiness of the ahegao faces? There are many gorgeous real hentai stars who’ve made a face while getting fucked. We’ve created a list of all the cutest girls you should check out. They are sexy and adorable, and they just get lost in all the cum-worthy pleasures. Here is the list of the Hentaied pornstars and their videos; you need to check out if you love Ahegao expressions!

1. Alien Tinder Game

Mr. Alien Tinder Game

Have you met Canela Skin? If not, you are in for a delicious treat. Canela is a Colombian pornstar. She was born in 1991. Canela is around 160cm tall and quite skinny. She has dark eyes and hair and loves to be fucked in loads of ways. She is quite active on social media and even has an OnlyFans account if you are interested in something a bit more private.


On Hentaied, however, Canela shows off her true colors. She is a hottie who always loved hentai porn. She enjoys unrealistic fantasies and will do whatever it takes to get pleasured. One of the videos that stands out the most features the beautiful Canela Skin in a schoolgirl uniform. She is resting at home and playing around on her phone. Since she was feeling lonely, why not hit up Tinder dates?


All she wants is a one-might-stand. Canela wants to have sex! As she is browsing through Tinder, she finds a lot of potential dates. Many of them look bad, and she is just not interested. But that is when she finds Mr. Alien. An extraterrestrial on our planet? Now, that is fascinating. She decides to chat him up, and they decide when to meet.


It did not take long before Mr. Alien appeared in front of Canela. She was surprised and excited. The alien was huge; it had lots of tentacles, which really got Canela’s attention. It started by taking off her stockings. Then, it removed her undies and began penetrating her love tunnel. These tentacles are magical because Canela was already incredibly wet and yearning for more and more.


After a lot of pussy fucking, the tentacles flipped her around and explored both her holes. There were two tentacles in her pussy, and one in her tight little ass. Another tentacle was wrapped around her neck, and that is when you got to see the clear, beautiful ahegao face that she was making!

2.   Whatever You Want

Whatever You Want

So, what can you expect from a video with such a name? Whatever you want! That’s right. Ready to meet two incredibly beautiful girls? Starting with Lika Star. She is a beautiful blonde babe born in 1997 in Ukraine. This beauty has amazing tits; she is quite short, youthful-looking, and loves to get fucked hard.


Her partner in crime today is Lottie Magne, a sexy redhead with a dirty mind. She was born in Russia in 1998, and she is quite a stunner herself. In fact, Lottie was featured in a bunch of our other Hentaied porn movies. So, if you happen to fall in love with her performance, which is unavoidable, do not hesitate to watch her other naughty videos.


Of course, everyone is here to watch ahegao babes in action! Starting off, these ladies will tell you that they are here to make all your dreams come true. They will do whatever you want. It just so happens that on today’s menu was a nice session of dildo riding, cum spraying, and cute ahegao faces.


These two cuties will undress and act innocent. They will then spread their legs, give you cute smiles, and masturbate using their fingers. But we all know that just using fingers is definitely not enough for them. This is when they will use huge dildos and start riding them like horny little sluts. You get to see them bounce on the dildo while moaning and making ahegao faces. In the end, they will be sprayed with loads of cosmic cum!

3.   A Drow Elf

A Drow Elf

Alya Stark… a beauty like no other. She is a pretty girl with a mesmerizing gaze, born in 1995 in Russia. She started her career in the AV industry in 2019 when she was 24 years old. This brunette hottie had her first shoot with MetArt Network, as she definitely fits their preference description. But Alya also worked with other studios, such as Evil Angel.


Of course, with her talents and naughtiness, how could we not ask her to be featured on Hentaied? It worked in our favor because Alya is also a big anime fan. In this video, she is an elf… a purple elf! After the elf reproduction got odd, she became a drow elf. This happened because she just masturbated way too much. But after joining the dark side, why not let her naughtiness explore the options?


Well, in this video, you get to see Alya fucked by tentacles. She is a beautiful purple girl looking for a hardcore fuck. This is when an alien decides to help her out. He has lots of hungry tentacles, and her juices are exactly what it feeds on. Starting off, it will wrap around her, making her unable to move.


Then Alya will get her tiny cunt shagged hard. While this is happening, you get to see her sexy ahegao face. Her pussy will get filled up so much that she will ooze cum once the alien pulls out. In the end, she will get her pretty face covered with loads of cum, enjoying every moment of it.

4.   Asian Chick Aliened

Asian Chick Aliened

There’s just something about May Thai that nobody can resist. She is an Italian model and adult actress, born in 1997. This beauty joined the industry in 2016 when she turned 19. She always wanted to try her luck in the industry, and it turns out she definitely has what it takes to get her naughty way. May is beautiful and petite and loves the naughty hentai world.


This is what makes her perfect for Hentaied. May Thai is the real hentai actress. In this video, you get to see her pretty ahegao face. Starting off, she is on the couch, completely naked. There are tons of tentacles crawling to her orifices, and she is feeling more excited by the second.


As two tentacles start fucking her pussy, others will enter her mouth. A tentacle will also wrap around her neck, making her unable to move. She is held down by tentacles from all sides, but she is enjoying all the naughty sensations. The tentacles will fuck her pussy, massage her nipples and make her feel good. Her ahegao face is incredibly sexy. You will not be able to resist! Especially as you hear her moan and watch her orgasm.

5.   A Full, Fresh Ahegao Explosion

A Full, Fresh Ahegao Explosion

Saving the best for last! Have you heard of the ahegao explosion? It is when girls get possessed to the point that they can’t have enough, no matter how much they get fucked. Well, this phenomenon happened to two of our most beautiful pornstars. The real hentai girls are Alya Stark and Amirah Adara. They were featured in a video where they used toys to fuck themselves.


But the video has a twist… You get to see their clones, too. These ladies were cloned, and all of them were doing the same thing. These clones were eager to orgasm, using their favorite toys. Watch these ladies as they shove alien dildos up their love tunnels, making the hottest ahegao faces. You get to see them all on-screen at the same time.


Their faces are blushing; they are hot, and they don’t want to stop. Their moans blend in incredibly well while their pussy juices are dripping everywhere. As you get to see so many wet cunts stimulated all around you, there’s no chance that you will be able to resist.


These cuties are filled with passion and horniness. What they really want is to get fucked by loads of tentacles. But they can’t wait for Mr. Alien to arrive. So they cloned themselves and occupied every surface of their home to fuck themselves with dildos. Enjoy watching both Alya and Amirah make sexy ahegao faces!


Of course, these are just a couple of our best ahegao hentai videos. We’ve filmed many more, featuring some of the most beautiful real hentai girls. Are you eager to watch your favorites get shagged hard? Well, now is your chance. Explore Hentaied, and you will find loads of pretty girls making the horniest ahegao faces. We always provide you with a clear shot of these expressions because Hentaied knows how much you love them! Take your sweet time and enjoy the mentioned videos… as there is more where that came from!