Top 5 Hentaied Scenes With Girls in Costumes

Top 5 Hentaied Scenes With Girls in Costumes

November 17, 2023

There’s just something addictive about watching pretty girls in cute outfits. This is why on Hentaied, we always make sure to provide you with a sexy variety. There are babes of all sexy shapes, sizes, and legal ages. You can find the perfect girl in no time! But now, we are here to discuss all the hottest porn movies that feature cute girls in sexy costumes!


Are you a big fan of cuties wearing school uniforms? How about babes pretending tobe detectives? There are also plenty of gamer girls who enjoy showing off their sexiness while cosplaying their favorite characters. What kind of costumes are you looking for? It doesn’t matter, because on Hentaied we provide you with a little bit of everything.


If you do not know where to get started, here are the hottest costume porn movies you can find on Hentaied. They all include beautiful real hentai stars who are down to experiencing all sorts of new sexy things. So take your time and explore; you won’t regret it!

1.   Oviposition 3: Eve Sweet

Oviposition 3

This Romanian girl is not easy to forget. Her name is Eve Sweet, and she definitely has that innocent and sweet exterior. But do not let that fool you. This cutie is always in the mood to do something dirty, which is what makes her the perfect addition to Hentaied. She was born in 1995 and has been in many cum-worthy performances.


In this one, however, she is showing off her favorite Overwatch champion. Do you like D.Va? Well, you are about to fall in love with her! That is a tanky champ that is loved by many. She decided to wear her one-piece swimsuit that replicates D.Va’s armor. She looks absolutely stunning, staring at the camera directly.


Her legs are spread wide, and she is giving us all kinds of sexy looks. However,m one thing leads to another, and this beauty will end up getting stuck under the stairs. With her ass up in the air, she is struggling to move out. Eve also really needs to pee. So she decides to just let it go. She will piss on the floor and feel much better.


The scent of her urine will attract an alien. This alien is now hard and ready for action. He will take out his massive golden alien cock and start fucking her hard. Eve is in the perfect doggy position, and you will get to see two neat shots. One of her pretty ahegao face and the other of her tight pussy getting completely filled with alien cum!

2.   Samurai Sisters

Samurai Sisters

Kimmy Kim is a beautiful American actress. She was born in 2002, and she loves to work in the porn industry. She decided to join the scene in 2020 when she turned 18. This cutie is beautiful and sexy and has already worked with a lot of big names in the industry. You can see her featured by BB Network, Team Skeet, and others.


However, she also decided to grace us with her presence on hentaied. It seems like Kimmy always loved to watch hentai. So why wouldn’t we accept her request to fulfill her dirtiest hentai fantasies? In this video, Kimmy is trying to save her sister. It seems like her sister has been infected with a curse, and the only way to save her is to find the antidote.


However, it is not easy to find the antidote It is guarded by many skilled ninjas who are not just going to let Kimmy get her way. Instead, they will fight her for it. But it looks like there were too many ninjas, and Kimmy lost. Instead of killing her, the ninjas had a different plan// They were horny and just wanted to have some kinky fun.


You get to see the beautiful Kimmy drop to her knees and suck them off. There will be two cocks pushed into her mouth. It looks like Kimmy has a lot more planets than just fighting. Her cock-sucking skills are out of this world. Of course, Kimmy has a lot more talents in general. She is able to take on two big hard poles simultaneously without any issues.


Watch her get fucked on both ends as she displays her hottest talents. In the end, you get to see her tiny perky tits and tight pussy covered in loads of spunk. Of course, all while Kimmy is wearing a sexy samurai outfit!

3.   Nerf This

Nerf This

It seems like many beautiful girls on Hentaied are actually huge fans of Overwatch. Can we blame them? That’s a great game. Meet Canela Skin, a beautiful Colombian actress. She was born in 1991, and joined the industry in 2017. She starred in a lot of amazing porn movies and has worked with Digital Playground, JJ Video, and Fake Hub the most.


Of course, with her beauty, we just had to see her covered in alien spunk. Today, you get to see Canela show off her sexy body in another D.VA cosplay. She is wearing a pretty white wig, and has a different version of a D.VA one-piece swimsuit. She will display her massive tits and give you a lot of cute sexy faces.


Then, she will bend over and start masturbating. She enjoys rubbing her clit while making ahegao faces. She gets so immersed in masturbating that she just can’t hold back her naughty enjoyment. Watch her tongue go out as her eyes roll back while there’s lots of cum oozing out of her drenched pussy.


Canela will soon take out her favorite alien dildo that is filled with cum. As she puts it down on the ground, you get to watch her ride it in cowgirl. This beauty really loves to give her all while getting fucked hard, and she is about to show off her naughtiest talents. Her tight little ass will get penetrated! In the end, she is going to orgasm so hard that you get to see her twitch all over!

4.   Slimy Disappearances

Slimy Disappearances tentacle porn

How about a sexy threesome, including the prettiest hotties? Here, you get to see everyone’s favorite redhead Jia Lissa, along with beautiful Alissa Foxy and the stunning Rae Lil Black. The three of them are on a mission to find out the mystery of the slimy disappearances. It seems like there have been many mysteries going around. People vanish without a trace. The only thing left is a house filled with slime everywhere.


The three cuties decided to go separate ways. Jia went into a room alone, and without noticing it, she got jumped. Jia was now possessed and super horny. She got naked and was covered in that slime. As Jia went back, she surprised the other two cuties. The babes did not know how to react, as Jia commended the tentacles to wrap them and start fucking them hard. She was in full control of the tentacles, and the other cuties just could not resist.


Eventually, you got to see the tentacles fuck Rae and Alissa all the way through. These two beauties were now possessed as well. They were completely filled with loads of cum, and could not respond at all. This all just left Jia to have the same sexy experience. In the end, you get to see her completely fucked and satisfied as all three of them lay on the ground, nude, covered in jizz.

5.   The Magical Carpet

The Magical Carpet

It seems like Canela Skin just loves to wear costumes. She was featured in a lot of videos where she dressed up in quite sexy outfits. In this one, you get to see her dressed as a pink bunny rabbit. She is sitting quietly, giving you a nice view of her beautiful feet. She is staring deep into the camera, ready to make her next move.


In this fun video, the carpet is filled with magic, and Canela loves it. She will get down and roll around on the pink carpet. You get to see her nice ass poke out of that tight one-piece while she moans and just enjoys herself. Eventually, Canela will fall asleep, and the carpet will crap itself around her body.


She will wake up, unable to move. Canela does not know what is happening, but she is not really trying to struggle that much. As her panties get shifted, she will feel a big alien rod approaching. Instead of being scared, Canela is excited. She is getting rammed hard by a mysterious alien, and she is loving every second of it. You will get to enjoy a closeup of her beautiful face while she makes the ahegao expression. But you’ll get to see her tight little pussy get filled with loads of spunk, too!


Hentaied models love to get wild. They are creative, open-minded, and down to trying new things. This is all for you, to fulfill your dirtiest fantasies. So, what kind of fantasy do you have? Want to see the hottest hentai girls in sexy costumes get fucked by the extraterrestrial? Well, make sure to check out these videos.