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Love me harder


PUBLISHED: 2020-12-22

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Today we come with one of the most common sexual fantasies in the world. Let’s begin.

So, imagine your stunning teen girlfriend Adelle Unicorn (take a lesson with Adelle about History Of Porn here: Adelle Unicorn in HISTORY OF PORN ) and her incredible hot mulatto best friend Capri Llamonde (don’t miss out Capri coming directly in her mouth and spreading Milk all around right here: Liquid Love) chill at your place after a party. Girls are exhausted and find their place on the couch in the living room…

Adelle as a massage expert wants to give a massage session to her bestie. So, she feels relax after a hard night. Of course, everything starts with the right amount of oil… Our wild tattooed girl knows perfectly where to put her hands to make Capri feels the best way. In few minutes, sexy mulatto girl is half asleep. But Adelle does not want to stop here. So, her experienced hands run all the way down to the hot wet pussy of her friend. Firstly, Capri tries to pretend that she does not understand what is going on. Her best friend, with whom she is together for the whole life, seduces her? No way. Even so, that mulatto girl imagined many times her kissing Adelle (she is so hot!), that was just crazy fantasies, nothing else! And now everything is real. Meanwhile, Adelle doesn’t lose time and takes everything in her hands. She feels how wet and creamy the pussy of her bestie is. It makes her extremely horny and ferocious. So now, on one hand we have Adelle, who can control everything and on another Capri, who cannot resist. As the result, she is in full power of Adelle.

Our wild cat plays with her bestie’s body the way she wants – making her cum over and over again. None of the men in Capri’s life brought her so many orgasms at once.

Finally, after few hours, mulatto baby becomes completely weak and exhausted under incredible amount of pleasure. After perfect job was is done, it is Adelle’s turn to cum. Grabbing Capri’s hair, Adelle mounts on her face, to let her bestie taste her creamy and aching pussy. Capri gives her best to lick properly every inch of it, to show her gratitude. As a result, tattooed girl explodes with an intense extreme orgasm directly in her friend’s mouth (best meal after party)!

For the perfect end of the story girls unite in a deep intense kiss… From now on, best friends have one more secret.

Video Including:

  • Best Friends Forever

  • Wild tattooed girl by Adelle Unicorn

  • Hot mulatto teen by Capri Llamonde

  • Professional Massage

  • Wet panties

  • Rough Intense Lesbian Sex

  • Extreme Multi Orgasm

  • Mouth full of hot fresh cum


Sex with your best friend. How does this idea sound to you? Bizarre or exciting? Probably both at the same time. And of course, there could be different reasons behind it. Like: deep inside, you have romantic feelings to your friends. Or you are just horny as hell and ready to fuck anything what is next to you at this moment. Once you are back in your normal stage of mind, the idea of fucking your bestie could even scary you.

Anyways, let’s talk about why you actually should have sex with your best friend?

So, you already know each other since years or even decades. Your best friend is likely to understand the way you experience anxiety and stress you have at work; she understands all your feelings as no one else. You do not have to hide something or pretend to be better person, than you are.

Also, because you know your best friend, you don’t have to look for someone to have sex with. You can skip hanging out or swiping on Tinder because there’s a potential sexual partner right there (if there are interest from another side).

You are comfortable with each other. So, you will not have any back thoughts in the bed. Just enjoy the process!

Finally, you can just practice together! And boost your level of confidence!

Little plan how to Fuck your Bestie:

  1. Make your mind! Are you really sure you want it?
  2. Ask your friend (direct or indirect!)
  3. Make a Plan (where, how, limits, expectations etc.)
  4. Have Fun and Be respectful!
  5. Manage your feelings! (you might think it will destroy your friendship etc.)
  6. CONTINUE TO BE BEST FRIENDS (even you love sex, you should love your friendship more)

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